Saturday, September 24, 2016

A Pretty Finish!

Earlier this week I managed to finish up my Pretty Patchwork quilt! I wasn't able to get photos sooner partly due to the weather.  Kaaren over at The Painted Quilt called her version 'Stopped Me in My Tracks'. It certainly caught my eye!   Kaaren made hers a bit bigger and in yellow and white. She generously offered the pattern free on her blog. Head over here to see her version!
I had this pretty blue print in my stash not knowing what to make until I saw this pattern. It is a very soft muted blue with little yellow flowers. 
I straight line quilted a crosshatch pattern through the 49 square patch and in the 9 patch cornerstone units. I FMQ a braided rope pattern in the sashings. 
The backing is a striped blue, green, and yellow striped print from my stash. 
The binding is a soft yellow and white stripe. Also from my stash!
It feels good to make a quilt completely from my old stash with the 
exception of the Kona white background fabric, a staple in my stash. 
The quilt size is 53" x 69"
Linking to Fabric Tuesday over at Quilt Story.

Before September is over, I needed to work on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge block. This month's color is rosy reds.
 Here are all the blocks that I have finished so far. 
Only 1 month left! What color will it be?
Head over to SoScrappy to see what others have been working on this month.

I finally got fabric and cut it for the Mod Bear Paw QAL. I'm a bit behind but hopefully will have some time to catch up. I now have a deadline for this quilt. 
Check it out over at Sew Fresh Quilts!

That's all folks!
Happy Quilting!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What's Next?

When I finally finish a project, I ask myself what is next? 
Yesterday I put the last stitches to finish the binding on my modern black and white quilt I have been working on for a while. 
This is the quilt that was inspired by a ad I saw in a magazine in the spring for a bathing suit. I rustled with the original design that I drew up from the advertisement and set it aside for most of the summer. I deconstructed a bit of it to add more detail and now it is finished!
I renamed it Freedom of Expression. It has both some straight line quilting and FMQ. I took each section and practiced different quilting skills, many techniques from Lori Kennedy @ In Jaunt Box. 
The quilt is 53" x 62.5" ~ a good size lap quilt to snuggle under. 
The backing is a very busy black and white print that I bought for a different quilt but didn't end up using. Nice to use something from my stash!

I worked on a small remembrance quilt for a friend of mine that lost her mom in a car accident.

It is the size of a postcard. I found the paper pieced pattern here.

So you want to know what's next?
I sandwiched this quilt pretty patchwork! Originally, I found this pattern over at The Painted Quilt. Kaaren called it ~ Stopped Me in my Tracks.

And I am going to join a quilt~along! I haven't done one in awhile but I really like this one! 
It is called MOD Bear Paw QAL over at Sewfreshquilts. Looks like FUN!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Where Did The Summer Go?

It is only a week away from September and school had already been back in session for more than a did summer slip by so fast?
I felt that I did have some time early in the summer to get some sewing done but because we planned a late summer time was limited in August to a few days. 
We got home a week ago today and I started right back at school. 
My husband and I spent 2 weeks out west...8 days in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone, 2 days in Rapid City and the Black Hills, a day in Sioux Falls, SD and 2 days in St. Paul, MN. 
As promised in my last post, I was bringing my fox quilt for a photo shoot...just had to take advantage of the beauty!
I renamed my version of Fancy Fox by Elizabeth Hartman, Foxy Baby!
  (First 3 pictures were taken at Yellowstone Lake)
The backing's large center is Outfoxed by Lizzy House. Perfect! 
A stray extra fox found its way to the back!

The quilting is basically FMQ straight line with a little leaf design along the strings. (Does that make sense?)

 These last 2 pictures are taken in The Grand Tetons.

Before leaving, I finished the Building Fun quilt (pattern by Geta's Grama) that I started many years ago but just didn't have a need for a baby quilt so it got put on the back burner. I called it Building Blocks. You can read about its start here.

I quilted with an all over stipple.

At the beautiful Grand Tetons!

 The backing is a cute stripe from my stash and the binding is Pezzy Prints by American Jane in multi colors.
(pictures at Yellowstone Lake)
Still no recipient in mind but it is nice to have a finished baby quilt on hand!

Also before I left, I deconstructed my Modern Black and White and reconstructed it with a bit more interest (a row of flying geese) but still giving a modern feel. You can see the original here.
This was the inspiration for this quilt. As you can see, I ripped it from an ad in a magazine. An ad for a bathing suit!

This happened last week!

AND...just before September rolls around and a new color is announced, I finished my August Rainbow Scrap Challenge block. The color was dusty purples but purple was a previous month so the suggested alternate color was gray. I do love gray as a neutral so I did have lots of gray scraps. 
Linking up to So Scrappy for the final Saturday post in August! Whew! Just made it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Quick Üpdate

 This will be a quick post to give an update on what's been happening here and to recognize Joan over at MooseStashQuilting. I was the lucky winner of her giveaway...$25 to Fat Quarter Shop and shop I did! 
I choose these lovelies! A fat quarter bundle of Atlas Eden by Tula Pink and a 1/2 yard cut of Amethyst Weave by Canyon. So pretty! Thanks Joan!

I also finished the quilting and binding on my Fancy Fox quilt.  I did take a picture but I will do a complete photo shoot on our trip out west next month.  
Also, worked on my Rainbow Scrap Quilt block for July! The color is bright pink! 
Link up here!
I really need to lay out all the blocks made so far (the pile is getting pretty big) and see how they go together...that will be for another day!

I started another new project! Yikes! Here is a little peek!
Other projects on the burner include my growing neighborhood (I think there are 31 homes in the neighborhood), the quilting on a baby quilt called Building Fun, and my abstract black and white I posted about here. I ended up deconstructing a portion of the top and it is back together but still waiting on a final verdict. 
What have you been working on?

Friday, July 1, 2016

Row By Row

Have you participated in the Row By Row experience before? 

I have not, as over the past few years I really didn't have much spare time and when I did have time for quilting, I had plenty of projects to do.  Last week, my hubby and I were able to take sometime visiting the Pacific Northwest. 
My hubby has customers out there so I tagged along and we added a few extra days.  
Mount Rainer
In the one quilt shop that I visited, I asked about their Row By Row pattern. It was a row of lighthouses and the theme was home for sailors. It was cute so that started my first Row By Row collection. 
Isn't that a cute name for a quilt shop?
Mount Hood
Mount St. Helen
Olympic Mountain Range, Mt. Olympus is behind the clouds

Back home, I visited one of the somewhat LQS for a demo day and picked up their Row By Row pattern. I continued a little further away to another LQS and picked up their pattern. It was themed America, My Home Sweet Home. Since this is the 4th of July weekend, I went straight to work at putting it together. 
I still have some wool appliqué to do and the wording. I just love it! I'm not sure if I will actually put this in a quilt or use it as a runner. 
What would you do?
Before leaving for the PNW, I sandwiched my Fancy Fox quilt and I am currently about 50% finished with the quilting. 
I also sandwiched a baby quilt that has been a flimsy for quite a while. My excuse for not completing it was that I didn't have someone in mind for it. 
Still don't, but it is time. Moving ahead!
A few more pictures from...
Pikes Place Market. So colorful!

Monday, June 13, 2016

The neighborhood is growing!

I have added a few more little blue houses to my growing neighborhood! I will keep on adding to them in between projects.
I have been working on the fancy fox quilt. It is almost a flimsy...need a top and bottom border. 
I was playing around with this idea in my head for awhile. I started with drawing it up on graph paper. I went back and forth on whether I should use a black and white stripe fabric for the borders or make it by sewing narrow strips together. Then I found this black and white stripe fabric that was printed on a diagonal at my LQS. So I went with it. Not sure that I accomplished exactly what I had in mind. The verdict is still out! It is all pieced and waiting for a backing.
I also worked on the lime green block for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  
Lovin' my time in my sewing room! Long overdue progress!
Also, spending a lot of time charity knitting with my knitting group!

Friday, June 3, 2016

On the First Day of Summer

School is Out! My summer vacation officially started! 
What do you think I did on my first day? 
You bet I spent a good few hours in my sewing room. 
I have a few more Little Blue Houses made.
I have started making these cute foxes using the Fancy Fox pattern by 
Elizabeth Hartman of Ohfransson. 
June is here and the color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap challenge is aqua with a pop of lime green. Back in January, the color of the month was blue. I made several different shades of blue including this aqua block. So I will instead be working on a lime green block for this month. Stay tuned!
My garden is in bloom! Love my giant poppies!
and my purple lupines!
These tulips were a end of the year gift! So pretty!
I'd say a nice start to summer!