Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pin It!

Well, it is my day to share my pincushions with you! Another great hop brought to you by Madame Samm, Sew We Quilt and Kristen from Meadowbrook
Thank you for all your hard work!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you may know that I took a position to start the new school year off teaching First Grade. It has been very hectic (I learned about this less than 2 weeks before school started). Fortunately, I had already started on my pincushions so I could keep my obligation to the hop. The unfortunate side is that I had several more ideas that didn't get done.
 They will have to wait. 
I will do my best in cheering everyone on and responding to your comments. Thank you for your understanding, if it takes me awhile.

I do love pincushions and have a good collection of them. I'm always willing to add to my collection so when I saw the Pin It Blog Hop, I signed up. 

In deciding what new ideas to make, I thought I would concentrate on egg cups. I found this pretty egg cup and thought it would make a pretty pincushion. Love the plaid and the flower!
Next up, I thought about the little chicks that hatch from eggs and found this cute egg cup that looks like a cracked egg. So why not put in the chick?
I made the chick from a soft yellow fleece from my stash. Added a felt beak and some little black beads for eyes. 
From the side you can see that my chick has wings and a cute little tail. I used this pattern but adapted it fit in the egg cup.
Another egg cup I found had its own little dish for your spoon. 
It makes for a handy place to keep your supplies while stitching!

In searching my Pinterest boards for inspiration, I came across this pattern for a stuffed animal. It was not intended to be a pincushion but I thought why not? Who doesn't love a penguin? He's too cute! So I reduced the pattern and changed a few things and here is the results. To help him balance, after adding the stuffing, I added a smooth round stone to the bottom. He is made from a gray recycled sweater that I felted and some striped knit fabric from my stash.

And who doesn't love owls? I search the web for some cute owls and found this pattern. However, in order to get the 'free' pattern you needed to find an copy of this old magazine. I couldn't get it of my mind because of how cute this owl is so I made my own. 
He is pretty little...about 2" tall. I used a white and black button for each eye and a tiny bit of white roving for the feathers around the eyes. He is adorable!

Here are a few of my old favorites. This is a wee 1" pinwheel pincushion that I made to attach to the side of my machine. 
I love the pun of this one I made last year.
And these too!
Hope you had fun seeing my pincushions! 
Now go and visit the rest of the talented ladies sharing on the Hop today! 

For a complete list of participants, you can go to Kristen's blog, Meadowbrook.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Where have I been?

Yes, it has been a long time since I last posted...August 10th! So much has happened and it has been crazy! 
Sometime in the beginning of August, I got a call from the principal at the school I often teach at to do another long term assignment starting in October. I knew I would have a few more weeks of summer so in mid August, a couple of my girlfriends and I took a road trip downstate to visit another of our girlfriends. 
During our visit, I got another call from the principal, asking me to switch long term assignments to one that would start off the year. At that point my summer seemed to abruptly end as the very next week I needed to get to school to start setting up the classroom. 
(The school was closed all summer for maintenance.)  
With less than 2 weeks notice, I started school as a First Grade teacher of 21 students! In the beginning of the year, we work a lot on establishing routines and learning classroom rules. It is hard work for 1st graders as they are not use to being in school all day and there are higher expectations to work for longer periods of time. I'm hoping that this week will be a little bit easier as we have been in school 4 days. Hope they didn't forget over the long weekend!
I will probably not be spending much time in my sewing room so I won't be posting very often. I already miss it but I will be back to check in when I can.
Before all this happened, I made these cute little fabric envelopes for a good friend of mine. They are super easy to make and are so cute.

I made 20 with 3 different lining fabrics.
I also worked on some pincushions that I will show you during the Pin It Blog Hop coming September 10th through the 17th. I will be posting on the 11th so come back a visit! 
In the meantime...