Sunday, October 28, 2018

In the Nick of Time

October is almost over and yesterday was the last Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge ~ Scrap Happy Saturday! 
I had to get my dark green blocks completed!
So I carved out a bit of time this week to catch up, once again, on the blocks. 
Here is the Plus Blocks: 
and the Flying Geese Block:
I usually make a few more blocks to add to the size of the quilt even though this was the last official color of the month. 
I will link to Scrap Happy Saturday at So Scrappy. 
 Now on to catching up on my Temperature Quilt!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


It seems like forever since I have had anything to post about. Life just seems to get busier and my best intentions seem to go by the wayside. 
Until this week, I have had only little snippets of time to sew. So instead of starting a new project, I have been working on making progress on my little blue neighborhood. I could do a house in a small amount of time so I got several done. The next thing I knew, the population had grown to 100 little blue houses! 
After looking at the 100 houses and my almost diminished supply of different blue scraps, I decided that the neighborhood had reached it's quota. 
I sewed them into a 10 X 10 grid of houses. 
I then searched for a border that I thought would frame the neighborhood. I decided on a diamond chain border. Before I was even finished with it, I knew that it would need something more. 
Years ago, I framed my landscape quilt with a double border with mitered corners. I would do a mitered border but I would do a triple border. 
I love how it turned out! 
Each house is 4", the diamond border is 4", and the triple mitered border is 
2 1/2" making the quilt 53" squared.
I started making the blue and white houses back in February 2016 as a 'fill in' project when I didn't have enough time to work on anything else. I last reported on the neighborhood in August with 81 finished houses. I didn't really see the end of this project until I reach 100! 
While putting it together, I did find 3 duplicates fabrics, so I made 3 additional houses. The duplicates will probably end up on the back of the quilt. With 100 fabrics over almost 4 years, it was getting difficult to remember if I had already used certain fabrics. 
Next step...on to the quilting!
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