Saturday, February 17, 2018

A finish!

The quilting on the Milky Way Quilt took a bit of time for me because I quilted more densely than I usually do and I did put it aside a few times to work on some piecing of QALs I joined for 2018. I am excited to show the finished 
Milky Way Quilt!
This was a 2017 QAL that I followed over at Blossom Heart Quilts. Each month a star pattern was released based on a star in the Milky Way. I used scraps from my stash to construct each paper pieced star, the inner border and the binding. 
The back is a rainbow stripe fabric from my stash and a bit of the Kona gray from the background.   
Rainbow stripes for rainbow stars!
The quilt finished at about 58" square! 
Head over to Instagram and search
#MilkyWaySampler to see other Milky Way Quilts!
The quilting is dense with straight line fill around the stars. I quilted a web or net around the small stars and diagonal lines around the large stars. Some of the stars have in the ditch quilting while others have some free motion spirals in the centers. In the setting triangles, I FMQ feathers. Along the inner scrappy border, I quilted linked bubbles and in the outer border, I FMQ a scallop and straight lines. I'm very happy with the quilting on this quilt! 
This is my 3rd finish for 2018!

I also have an update on my Regatta Quilt. I put together another section of the quilt! This QAL is a no pressure, no deadline quilt along with Home Sewn By Us
Click the link to see updates of others participating!
I'm loving the colors of this quilt! 
Those little white random squares are the number order stickers that I use for organization. Most have fallen off. 
Only one more section to go! 

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Coming Along

This week a few of my projects moved a bit forward! 
With the beginning of a February, came a new color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. This month's color is purple/lavender. 
Here are my 2 scrappy plus sign blocks. 
The 2nd block I'm making is the flying geese block. Here it is in purples.
 I also added another section to the Regatta Quilt quilt along. The photo is a bit 'off' as I took the photo at night in my sewing room but it does show progress! I'm sewing along with Home Sewn By Us
I now have 4 of the 6 sections done!

I also finished enough blocks for my Temperature quilt to put 2 rows together. Each row will have 18 squares. I have decided to add a block at the beginning of each month with the name of the month embroidered in the center.  I'm following along over at Needled Mom
January started frosty cold here, then moderated a bit and is now cold again. I can't wait to see warmer colors as it will mean the end of winter! I'm afraid I will have to be a little patient. 
The quilting on the Milky Way quilt did make some progress too but I took a little break from the quilting to catch up on some piecing. 
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How is your quilting progressing?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A little Under the Weather

Although I have been a little under the weather, I have managed a little bit of sewing. I told my hubby that he can tell I'm not feeling well when I don't have the energy to quilt!
So what have I accomplished?
I got my Milky Way QAL quilt sandwiched and the quilting started! Since there is quite a bit of negative space, I am
quilting a bit more densely than I usually do. 

I also finished 2 more sections of my Regatta quilt. 
It is hanging vertically on my design wall to save space but it will be horizontal with the dark blue section on the top.
I'm excited to see how the rest of my colors look. I'm following along over at Home Sewn By Us

I also made a few more blocks for my Temperature quilt. 
Each row will have 18 blocks across the quilt. The 1st row is complete but you can see how different the temperatures were for the 2nd row 
(these are Jan 19-24 temps.)
I'm quilting along with NeedledMom

My knitting & crochet club spent January making red baby hats for the "Little Hats/Big Hearts" project. We donated 60 hats for heart health awareness to a local hospital. 

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Last Tuesday I showed you my spool quilt sandwiched and ready to be quilted. I also mentioned that I had finished the quilting on my 2 color bear claw quilt.
Here it called Beary Sweet!
I worked backwards on this quilt, starting with and building the quilt around the backing fabric I had in my stash 
(probably inherited from my mom's stash.)
and using the book two-color Quilts my daughter gave me many years ago.
(This is the second quilt I have made using a pattern from it.)
This is my first finish of 2018! It finishes at 40" x 56" and will be donated as a charity quilt. 

My spool quilt is finished! 
This completes my Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2017. The scrappy little spools are all stacked in an organized manner on a shelf! 
The backing is another piece of fabric I inherited from my mom's stash. This is called Mumms the Word by Debbie Mumm. It has all kinds of sewing notions and   sewing needs scattered across the fabric. I also had a extra block I pieced in. I FMQ 'thread' in the color of each spool and woodgrain in the borders. This is my 2nd finish of 2018 and measures 36" x 43".  

I took some time to start piecing my Regatta Quilt (before I sandwich my next flimsy). I am following the QAL over at Home Sewn By Us. I had finally cut all my colored strips and some of my white strips and squares to get started piecing. I was so excited to get started! 
Section A complete!
These are the darkest of my colors and will actually be the first rows 
(not columns but I'm just temporarily saving room on my design wall.)

I also got my delivery (or at least most of backordered 😞) for my Temperature Quilt which I'm following over at NeedledMom
Again, I couldn't wait to get started to see what my quilt will look like. One Square in a Square per day. I had made a spreadsheet to keep organized while waiting on my order but I think that I will continue to record daily the temperature high and lows. 
This will actually be the 1st row of the quilt with the darkest (top) square being on the left. January started very cold here, then a bit of a warm up with cooler temperatures following. This will be a fun quilt to track through the year! Head over to Needled Mom to see how different Mary's looks!

 One final update....I finally got around to building (with my hubby's help) a new design wall! It is slightly bigger than my old one. The blocks 'hang on' so much better! We followed this tutorial over at SewKatieDid. 
Here it is being put to good use!

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A quick update

I'm trying to be better at updating my blog on my progress and projects. On my last post, I showed the 4 quilts that were in the flimsy stage with the Bear Claw sandwiched and ready for quilting! Since then, I have finished it. 
(with the exception of a photo shoot and a label)
I also sandwiched my Little Spool Quilt and have done about 1/2 of the quilting. 

I gave myself permission to work a little piecing on the 2018 Rainbow Scrap Challenge. January's color is light blues. I'm doing a Flying Geese block and some Scrappy Plus blocks. 
For this block I'm using this tutorial by Color Girl Quilts. 

For the Plus blocks I cut 3 1/2" squares and 3 1/2" x 9 1/2" rectangle and put it together in the basic 9 patch method. Instead of making the middle row 3 squares since I was using the same fabrics I choose to use a rectangle...saves on seam allowances. 
I don't have a layout in mind yet or how many I will need of each. Once we get in a few more months of colors I will figure that out. 

I finally gathered all the fabrics for the Regatta quilt by Home Sewn By Us
Here is my color choices.

I need to label the order and start cutting. I'm a little behind but very excited to start this one!

I am still waiting on my fabric order for the Temperature Quilt by NeedleMom
I have made a spread sheet to keep up with the daily highs and lows for my hometown. 

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Status Report

I'm still working on finishing my 2017 challenge quilts and one charity quilt but I'm happy to say that all of them are now in the flimsy stage! The charity quilt is  sandwiched and ready for quilting!
This 2 color Bear Claw is from a book about 2 color quilts. It is 40" x 56". 
I used a different layout than Pat Sloan for my Grandma's Kitchen Quilt. It was a bit of a challenge to put all the blocks together as there were 2 different size bocks. This quilt will finish at 60" square. 
I added the setting and corner triangles to the Milky Way quilt but I wanted to make it bigger so I first added a scrappy border using more of the scraps in the stars. Then I added an additional gray border. This quilt will finish at 56" square. 
 I'm not a big fan of square quilts yet these 2 quilts just happened to end up with a square layout.
My little spools are all arranged neatly in the thread shelf. I found this fabric that looks like wood and used it to border the spools. I love this Little Rainbow quilt. It will finish at 36" x 43". 

For 2018, I decided to join the Rainbow Scrap Challenge again over at 
So Scrappy. I will also do a temperature quilt following NeedleMom. You can find more information here
I will also join in making the Regatta Quilt with Home Sewn By Us

Now to get quilting so I can start on piecing for my new challenges! 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Over the last 2 days...

I'm loving the extra time off before school starts again! It has allowed me to catch up on the blocks for Grandma's Kitchen Sew Along with Pat Sloan. 
The last block I made was block 16 out of the 25. I spent the last 2 days sewing the rest of the blocks. 
Block 17
Block 18
Block 19
Block 20
Block 21
Block 22
Block 23
Block 24
Block 25

Pat Sloan released each block weekly and she had a memory or story about her grandmas. You can read about it on her blog. It was fun reminiscing about my grandma and to remember the fond memories I have of her. 
Now to clear off my design wall to make room to put all these blocks up and make the filler blocks. 
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I still have to do some research on QALs in 2018 before I choose where I will put my energy. It is always fun to join in a couple of groups each year! What will you join? I'd love to hear.