Saturday, November 21, 2020

November steps done and Christmas sewing

 You may ask what I've been doing since my last post. Although the year 2020 seems forever long, the days and weeks seem to fly by. Life has changed in so many ways! Some good and some not. In any case, life still seems busy for me whether it is working (schools were open for hybrid learning for a month or so and are once again closed), watching my grandson, early Christmas/birthday shopping (our daughter's birthday is Dec 30th and our grandson's birthday is Jan. 1st.), discussing plans on how to handle the holidays, doing a bit of updating of our bedroom, and sewing!

On the sewing front, I made 5 more Christmas stockings so now everyone in our family will have one (at least for now). 

I originally made 4 stocking using this pattern, Snowdrift Stockings by Jillily Studio back in 2010. At that time I made them for my 3 daughters and my now son-in-law. I included the snowflake and the tag for their names.
I decided not to include the snowflake (it was a bit fussy) and I'm planning on embroidering each name on the cuffs instead of making the gift tags. Now to do some slow stitching! Linking to Favorite Finish @Meadow Mist Designs.

 I also finished the November steps for the Morewood Mystery Quilt 
@Meadow Mist Designs. All ready for the December steps!

I'm so excited about our upgrade to our bedroom. We added an accent wall! My son-in-law had his own business applying American Clay in Austin. They used it on many walls in their house in Austin. We fell in love with the look. We bought the materials in Austin a couple of years ago and brought them back to Chicago (American Clay is not readily available in Illinois). This was the first opportunity to get it applied (now that they live with us). 

drying (looks darker than it will be)
All finished! Can you see the texture?
 Our room mostly put back together ♥️ It was worth the wait!