Sunday, September 25, 2011

Summer Bow Tie

I have a finish! 
First, a little bit about this quilt. 
As many of you know, this summer was especially busy for me. To keep my sanity mind focused, I joined the Summer Bow Tie Quilts on Facebook. It seemed doable since you were to make one bow tie block everyday during the summer. 

[Of coarse, I really made mine in 3 or 4 sittings at my machine but that's OK.] 

My idea was to use only fabric from my stash. I started cutting out one bow tie from each of the fabrics I pulled out of one of many drawers.  As I went through my drawers, I realized I have soooo much fabric that I don't really prefer.

Read more about 'less preferred' stash and my personal challenge here.

This quilt finished with 120 Bow Ties each made of different fabrics [and that didn't even make a dent in my stash.] 

The backing was also pieced using stash fabric. The only fabric that I purchased was more Kona Snow as I was running short. 
[I really don't count that because it is a staple for me] the entire quilt made from my stash! 

The kept the quilting simple...1/4" around the bow ties and a double diamond in the white space. I bound this quilt in Kona Snow as it already had so many colors. 
[The quilting and binding was on hold for a while because my Elna was in for a tune-up. I did get it back in half the time expected and that made me very happy!!]

I wasn't sure how I would like this very scrappy quilt but I really do! It is fun to look through the fabrics and remember what each fabric was used for or if I inherited it or was it donated to me....

Are you a fan of scrappy quilts or do you prefer fabrics from one line?

A technology update: I figured out how to make and link a PDF of my tutorial for the herringbone quilt. Just go here and scroll to the end of the post for the link. I hope you enjoy and...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A quilt parade!

Last Saturday I went to a local quilt show and I posted some pictures of the beautiful quilts from a couple of the categories here. I promised a parade of the the rest. Here they are! These were in the large quilts category.

The green and blues were very pretty with the pale yellow contrasting fabric. 
This picture doesn't do it justice.

 Unique use of the flower embroidery panels...beautifully done.

I just love me some tiny log cabins!

The bright green and blue against the white really popped! The quilting was gorgeous too!

Traditional Double Wedding Ring - Love it!

Someday I will do this.

Very pretty and soft - quarter dresdens.

The quilting was pretty too!

The next category - wallhangings:

There was just something about the simplicity of this one...

A bouquet of hexies! What's not to love?


Another blue and soft yellow - maybe my next stash challenge quilt?

I'm getting close to some finishes. Promise to be back soon! Until then...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Take a moment...

Today I found myself with a day off from work. I had plans to work on several projects, play around with some designing, and do some hand sewing of the binding I sewed on yesterday.  
Oh did I have plans...but as I was reading Madame Samm's post over at Sew I Quilt this morning [while enjoying my morning coffee], I was deeply touched by this story over at The Scrappy Appleyard. This grieving family is in need of some star blocks.  I immediately knew that I would help. 
I decided to lay all my plans aside, at least temporarily, to work on a few stars.  I dug through my muted red, white and blue fabrics and found some that would work and I did a quick search for stars patterns. It really didn't take much time to cut out and stitch these blocks together.  

The blocks could be 8 1/2" or 12 1/2" unfinished. 

Before the morning was finished they were completed and off to the post office I went. If your willing to help, please go over and read about Tory's story. I'm sure you will be as touched as I was. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm playing...

The Name Game today over at Live a Colorful Life!

Hop over to Cindy's blog to read about it. Take some time and have a look around. You will surely be inspired. 

If your new here, I welcome you to look around and hope you find something inspiring as well. If your a regular follower, I always love to hear from you.

Thanks Cindy for inviting me to play along.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My visit to a local quilt show

Yesterday after a meeting at my church, I headed to a quilt show in the area.  I haven't been to a quilt show since the International Quilt Festival moved out of Chicago! This show wasn't anywhere as extensive as that but there were some beautiful quilts! Here is a small sample...

These 3 were my favorites in the mini quilt category.

Love the use of different fabrics to make the thread!

Love mini hexies! All done by hand!

There is something about black and white outlined with a touch of red!

The next were throw are some of my favorites...

Simple but interesting!

Some great snowmen scenes and cute embellishments!

Great embroidery of a favorite verse. Beautifully done!

This was my favorite of all. 9-patched pieced and applique in wool. The details and quilting were gorgeous!

The colors were magnificent! Love how the star spins!

Another beautiful quilt with great color!

A Frank Lloyd Wright window quilt. Love the blues to green.  I made a similar quilt for my mom and these are not the easiest. The black 'leading' is only 1/4" wide.

I'll leave the remaining categories for another time but I will show you my treasures from the vendors. What's a show without a little fabric therapy?

Can I say L.O.V.E! 
I am totally smitten with Hometown by Sweetwater. I just couldn't resist this little kit for a table runner. 

Do you believe that my LQS did not order this line? What were they thinking? I will be getting more!

I fell in love with these pretties...

Just had to have me some ginkgo leaves.

And finally some red/white dots for the binding on a future project and some green batik to add to what I showed here.

After dinner with my DH, DD1 and her boyfriend, I was able to finish the remaining 24 blocks on my personal challenge quilt. Now I'm working on stitching it together! Progress pictures soon!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The results are in....

Yes they are! Last night was the monthly Friday Night Sew-In hosted by Heidi and Bobbi. Did you join in?
As noted in my last post, I had to take my machine in for a little tune-up so I was working with my second machine, my Husqvarna. I didn't want to work on my WIP's that I started on my Elna. Every machine is different and I just didn't want alignment issues. So last week I cut out some fabric for a new project.  Here is what I have finished after sewing last night ~ 48 blocks.

Edit: After reading several comments, I realized that I inadvertently lead you to believe that I finished all 48 blocks on Friday night. I actually had finished 16 blocks during the week and 36 blocks for FNSI for a total of 48 blocks. 

I saw this project on Sew WE Quilt when Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew was featured for the Wantobe Quilter campaign. 
It seemed like a simple project to use up some of my 'less preferred' stash. 
You see, I have a dresser full of many yards of 'less preferred' fabrics some which was inherited from my mom, some from the years I was sewing clothes for my family, and some even donated to me.  I have pretty much gotten rid of anything that was not cotton but much of what is left is leaning towards becoming 'vintage.'  Do you have a stash like mine? 
Hope I'm not alone...

Since I am pretty much running out of room for my newer, much preferred stash, I challenged myself to use my 'less preferred' stash in every other quilt.  This is actually my 2nd project...I joined Summer Bow Tie Quilts, making them only from 'less preferred' stash, but that is a WIP from my Elna. Pictures soon.

The busy, bright, cheater crazy quilt fabric was any inherited piece of fabric. To tone it down some, I partnered it with Kona Champagne. The technique is a stack and whack. My blocks started out 8" and will finish at 6 1/2", a little smaller than Allison's. There will be 72 blocks, 9 rows of 8 blocks. I'm pleasantly surprised at the results so far!

I also am getting ready for...

a project using this fabric! Ghastly isn't it? Stay tuned...


a project using some of these.

I do have a finish for September! My Birdie Stitches BOM is done. 

Only 3 months to go....

I'll be attending a local quilt show today! So excited!

But first, follow me over to Heidi's blog to see what everyone was up to on Friday night...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Work seems to get in the way...

Once again it has been a long time since my last post.  Since school has started, my time has become sew limited.  I have been sewing some but nothing to show quite yet. Several WIP's but no finishes.

I also needed to take my beloved machine in for a cleaning and tune up.  I was aghast when they said that he (the repairman) was 12 days out in his workload.  What was I going to do? Yes, I do have another machine but nothing like my Elna! I love it sew!! My second machine is a Husqvarna...not a shabby machine but in comparison...oh how I miss my Elna!  And yes I have a third machine and a serger but...

A couple of things of note...I have joined the Ghastlies Blog Hop! Watch for some great project from this wonderfully disturbing line of fabric by Alexander Henry.  Madame Samm over at Sew I Quilt is our host. Here is my Ghastlies signature.

Secondly, this month's Friday Night Sew-In is September 16th. Won't you join us?  Hope over to Heidi's blog and sign up. It's a great excuse to stay in a sew. 

Finally, I signed up for a swap on Flickr called Little Quilt. This is round 2 and I'm joining (if they want me.) I'm new to this so hopefully will figure out all the technical things...which is not one of my fortes. 

I leave you with some pictures of wedding sewing/crafts that I have not shared. What's a post without pictures?

I spent many hours [they were kinda addicting] making these fabric flowers for the headbands/barrettes/veil for the bridesmaids, flower girls and the bride. As well as the flowers on the flower girl dresses [which I also made.] 

I also hand stitched this pearl and lace cuff for my daughter.

in progress

Last weekend, we were camping in WI for the long annual event with friends! This weekend is a 'bees and honey' weekend. We (not I, but my DH and friends) will rob the hives today and Sunday is the day we harvest this year's honey. YUM! 

Well, I'm hoping for some quilty finishes soon! In the meantime...