Saturday, March 24, 2018

It is time to post my FNSI results and more...

Last night was the first FNSI that I participated in for a very long time! 
The timing was perfect as it was the start of Spring Break for me! 
I had the whole day free and I spent most of it in my sewing room! It has been a while since that happened!
I pieced some uppercase letters earlier this month and I still needed to piece the lowercase letters. I found Tonya Ricucci's Word Play Quilts book in the library to use as inspiration for making my lowercase letters. I picked it up Thursday after work and browsed through it. I wanted to make them 2.5" finished....half the size of the uppercase letters that I pieced. Tonya suggests 3" or larger letters so I drew out my own using graph paper. 
I did all of them yesterday! Throughout the day and night! For the v and the x, I  ended up paper piecing as the angles were 'getting to me'. 
Maybe I just needed a rest from piecing these small letters all day... 
Anyways, I was pleased with all of them except the k. Somehow, it ended up more narrow that the other letters. I'm sure it was my error in calculating the angles. I couldn't let it go and I thought about it when I should have been sleeping! ARGH! 
So this morning, I decided to draw up a paper pieced k pattern. My first attempt was great...but backwards! 
It must be from the lack of a full night of sleep 😉 
So I drew up another, this time remembering to reverse the pattern. 
It is so much better! Can you tell the difference? 
Hop over to FNSI at Sugarlane Designs and check out what others worked on last night.

I must be in a paper piecing mood as I also worked on my Little Houses this week. The last time I posted about my neighborhood the population was 56. It has now grown to 66 with these additions! 
I love this ongoing project! Not sure when it will end...maybe when I run out of blue scraps! That hasn't happened yet!
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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Friday Night Sew In

I recently came across the virtual FNSI...again! 
I used to participate pretty regularly when it was hosted by Heidi and Bobbi but when they were no longer hosting I thought it was dead. 
The last time I participated was in July 2013! 
While browsing through the internet, I randomly came across the familiar chalkboard for FNSI. 
I clicked on it and sure enough it is the same FNSI but being hosted by Wendy @Sugarlane-designs. 
I checked the old link on my sidebar and it links to Sugarlane-Designs! 
Who knew?
I'm joining in this Friday night! 
Won't you join in too?

Sunday, March 18, 2018

A Finish, Progress, and Something New

Of coarse I must start with my finish as it is so exciting! I will warn you that this is a little picture heavy because I am in LOVE with it! 
I finished my Regatta Quilt!
 Yesterday my hubby and I headed over to our local Lake Park and did a photo shoot. 
What could be a better background for a Regatta quilt?
At first I thought I would piece my backing using all the cut offs from making this quilt until I found this fabric! It is the perfect colors!
Here you can see a bit of the front with the back! Thanks to the breeze!
Here is a detail shot of the straight line quilting. I did 3 straight lines across the quilt in each strip. I did not quilt in the ditch which gives it a nice simple pattern on the back. 
The binding is made using mostly the navy color with a little of 2 others darker colors in the quilt.

My sweet Nellie is enjoying the sunshine and the quilt!
Here it is in all its glory! 
The pattern is Regatta by Daniela at Block M Quilts and I followed the QAL at Home Sewn By Us. It finished at 57" x 74". This is my 3rd finish for 2018! 

My Temperature quilt now has 4 rows completed (with a few in the 5th row done). 
As your can see we had slightly warmer temperatures indicated by the greens and yellows! The Hope of Spring🌷🌷🌷!
What's new on my design wall? I've been playing with the alphabet! 
These letters are paper pieced and are 5" square done in reds from my stash. 
I've been playing with the layout. Not sure what it will look like but I will be doing lowercase letters next!

What's new on your design wall?
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tuesday Update

I have continued working on the puzzle T-shirt quilt. After moving things around again to get a better fit for all the graphics, I again grabbed some graph paper and drew the final lay out. I made a list of the finished size for each block and the cut size. Since the blocks were not all the same size, I color coordinated which ones would be sewn together. This the what the process looked like.
There were a few small spaces that I needed to fill with cut pieces from the t-shirts (no graphics) and a few tricky seems that didn't line up easily but it all came together. It is about 47 1/2" x 58 1/4"
I'm will be adding a border...maybe 2" all around and backing the quilt with flannel. But for now, I will put it on the side for a bit as the hard work is done!

As for my Regatta quilt, it is quilted and the binding is sewn on! I only have to hand stitch it down, make a label and do a photo shoot. Here is a peek!
The Regatta quilt is made as part of a no pressure QAL at Home Sewn By Us.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Getting Ready

Today I had some time, so I got busy and sandwiched my Regatta quilt! I'm ready to start the quilting! I decided not to piece the back with the left over pieces from the front. (I think I will make a baby quilt with the scraps.) 
I found a piece of fabric that I think works well. 
No pictures yet. 
I'm quilting along with no pressure with Home Sewn By Us

March brings a new color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and the color is.....
Light greens/Yellow greens!
I made 2 Plus blocks and the Flying Geese block. 

Head over to SoScrappy to see what everyone is doing in green this month!

Also with the start of March, I was able to finish the February blocks for my Temperature quilt. This is the start of the 4th row! 
All the green and yellow blocks means we have had a pretty warm February. 
No blue blocks! That's OK 👌🏻 with me!

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