Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Post

Where did December go? Not one post! 
Well, I'll get one in on this last day of December!
With such a short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, this year was extremely busy. The first 2 1/2 weeks I finished up my long term assignment.  Monday, December 16th and Tuesday, December 17th were transition days between the regular teacher and myself. Since I started the year with the kids, I did most of the teaching on Monday so she could learn the students names, the schedule and the routines that we have been doing. On Tuesday, she taught more of the day and I just assisted.  I came back on Wednesday afternoon to see the kids practice for their Holiday Sing. 

This is the ornament we made for the school Christmas tree! Here is where I found the inspiration. Turned out so cute and was easy enough for first grade!

So on Thursday, I started getting all the things ready for the holidays that didn't get done before including making several gifts including a knitted infinity scarf and a sewn one. Of coarse I didn't take pictures of them. 
I also made several fabric baskets that my sister taught me how to make while she was visiting over Thanksgiving. Here is one of them.

I made my Ornaments of the Year! Inspired by these. Great use of old yard sticks and scrabble tiles!

Here is part of the Christmas gift we sent to our kids in Texas. 
A snowball fight in a basket...
Texas style!
(inspiration found here)
It was so much fun watching them have a snowball fight Christmas morning! Thanks to Facetime!

After Christmas, we get away for a few days with our closest friends at the beautiful Osthoff. This is the most relaxing and fun time of the year! Now I really don't like the winter or the cold but the beauty of this place can surely change my mind for the days that we are there.

sunset from our rooms
our traditional breakfast at Otto's!
Many more pictures but just a few to share!

Today I wanted to try arm knitting! Have you heard of it? 
It's basically knitting using your arms as the needles. It makes very large and loose stitches and is great for chunky yarn. I had 2 skeins of this angel hair in my yarn stash so I made an infinity scarf...in maybe an hour...hour and a half...including learning how to arm knit.

I casted on and knitted 12 stitches for about 60 inches then formed it into a infinity scarf by sewing the ends together. 
It knits up pretty fast since the 'needles' are so big. 
Finished! Worn doubled...
worn with one loop tighter than the other. 
Pretty cute!

I'm still finishing up some challenges of 2013. At least I don't have too much to catch up on...I'll post again next year...