Thursday, June 13, 2019

Have You Joined the Club?

I had to share my newest blocks for the Quiet Play Pattern Club! This pattern club is the brainchild of Kristy over at Quiet Play. She loves rainbows and paper piecing. Every month she releases 3 blocks to club members that are, of coarse: paper pieced and rainbows. 
One word block, one picture block and a bonus block!
I have fallen a bit behind due to my schedule and other obligations but I love making these cute blocks. The May blocks are 2 of my favorites. 
(yes, there is a 3rd one but I haven't finished it yet)
So without further adieu...
The bee picture block
The word block!
Here, here, here are some of my previous blocks.
Go check out the club here!

Friday, June 7, 2019

A finish and some slow progress

After a very busy end of the school year, I finished the T-shirt quilt that I was commissioned! The top was finished in the beginning of May but then it was on hold for a couple of reasons: I needed to complete the charity quilt for the Hands2Help project that I committed to making, I was waiting on the fabric order for the back and binding, and school was hopping at the end of the year so I was working almost every day!
They chose a grid style quilt. Gabby likes aqua blues so I used those colors for the sashings and border. 
The backing is an aqua batik.

Finished and delivered in time for her graduation party!
Then I realized, it was June which meant a new color of the month. I headed over to So Scrappy to find that dark blue will be the color play for June!
Here is Waterfront Starburst in dark blue with a low volume in blue. 
Here are the 6 blocks so far for the 2019 challenge!
And my Reverse Star block.
And all 6 together! 
Little by little I'll catch up on my monthly blocks!
Linking to Scrap Happy Saturday at So Scrappy.
In the meantime, I was determined to do a little bit of hand dyeing of fabrics. I started with some avocado pits. Would you guess they turn your fabrics pink? 
Avocado pits and skins. 

The avocado bath.

The apron I dyed with the avocado bath. 
The pink yardage is a bit lighter.
I have tried citrus peels but didn't get much color. It turned a very pale yellow. 
I have learned that natural dyeing is a lot of trial and error. 
I'll try a bit more but we will see if it is worth the time.
Now I need to catch up on my Quiet Play Pattern Club blocks!
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