Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Yes, I have been distracted for the last 5 weeks or so! You may ask what could distract me for that long? Well, it certainly wasn't the political campaigns. 
In fact, my distraction was a great distraction from all the political nonsense! 
My distraction was is the Chicago Cubs! 
I have been a Chicago Cub fan since I was a little girl. Players like Ron Santo, Billy Williams and Ernie Banks were my childhood heros!
 Although I haven't personally waited 108 years for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series, I have waited all my life (which is quite long in itself). I still need to pinch myself to remind myself that it happened!
These players are so endearing. They are the good guys. They play with heart. They were very fun to watch (and a bit nerve wracking)!
As you can imagine, Chicago went crazy! 
Everyone was is celebrating...so much so that 5 million people were crowded downtown for the parade and rally. 
The crowds down at Wrigley Field are still there. On Saturday, late afternoon, we drove down to see the marquee but had to settle for a drive by. 
People are still crowded outside!

I did manage to do some knitting while watching my beloved Chicago Cubs and finished this lap blanket last night which will be donated to a local hospital. 
I found this chevron knitting pattern on Pinterest and wanted to try it using scrap yarn. 
Today I managed to finish quilting this baby quilt which has been a UFO for some time. 
My daughter and I made it together. We each pieced some of the row blocks and started quilting it but then she became super busy. I had other projects and so it sat for a while. Now all that is left is hand sewing the binding. 
I also have my RSC quilt ready to sandwich and another quilt that I have been working on almost ready. Hopefully, not to long before I can show some finishes!