Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Camper and news!

Last night we had our dear friends, Ken and Ruth, over for dinner.  I was so excited to have them because Ken is the secret recipient of my Happy Camper quilt!  Ken is a wonderful person, always giving, thoughtful and kind.  We have so much fun with him and his family.  We celebrate together, we share our heritage, we spend holidays together and we camp together!  It is more like family than friends!  WE LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
It is not his birthday. [That's in October, way too long to wait.] Father's Day had just passed.  No special reason.  I wanted needed to give it to him...Just Because!  Ken had no idea.  He even asked Ruth why we were having them over for dinner.  [Usually we are going over to their house. They are always hosting! They are very good at it.  Me, not so much!]
BUT our evening started with another surprise!  [We were going to tell them sometime during the evening...we got permission from our daughter, Kirsten.]  As we were sitting down with a glass of wine and appetizers, my phone rang and it was our daughter!  She wanted to tell them herself.  I put her on speaker phone and she announces that she has exciting news! Then she says...I'm ENGAGED!  Of coarse, they were extremely excited for her and Mike!  They got engaged on the 4th of July under the fireworks in Rapid City, SD.  As she puts it...fireworks in her heart!  Pictures soon as we are heading to SD on Saturday!  Makes me even more excited to see her [if that's possible]!
So...back to our dinner.  We had maple glazed pork tenderloins cooked on the grill, roasted vegetables and seasoned and grilled potatoes.  It was a tasty summer dinner! Dessert was a refreshing Norwegian cheesecake that's as smooth and cool as ice cream.  We moved into the living room for more coffee, comfort and conversation.  I presented Ken with a package and my few words to him...Just Because!

Yes, the quilt looks upside down...but not to him.  He was looking at all the details!

Here are some more pictures of the quilt!

Aren't the little camper so cute?

In the border I quilted the names of 18 different places that they have camped.  Some with us!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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