Saturday, May 21, 2011

FNSI Results!

Sometimes things don't happen as we expect.  
My intentions for FNSI were to sew along with everyone else but I ended up cleaning and putting back in order the room that DH & I started redoing last weekend for most of the evening.  
When we finally called it done for the night (in case your, it is not finished) and sat down to relax with a glass of well deserved wine, I was determined to finish stitching my Birdie BOM for May.  

All the flowers were already finished.  
So last night I started and finished the birdie.  Even though it wasn't much sewing, it is a May finish! That makes me happy!

So what did you do for FNSI? 
 Head over to see all that was happening at Heidi's!


  1. I love your block and stitchery!

  2. That block is adorable! Very pretty.

  3. Sure is pretty!!! You do very nice work!!!!!!

  4. What a wonderful block. It is time for me to get back to my sewing and stitching after a few days away from it.


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