Saturday, June 16, 2012

A little bit of quilting

If you read my blog you know that very shortly we will be heading to Norway for some family time, hiking and relaxing (my DH grew in Norway and his family lives there). I haven't started a new quilt since I knew I would be going and didn't want to have a WIP that might turn into a UFO if I lost interest while I was away. Instead I have been working on smaller projects and putting more ideas in my head for when I get home. 

One of the things that I made yesterday was a block for the new Quilting for Kids project on Flickr. This quilt is a boy's I Spy Quilt based on Katie's (swimbikequilt) I Spy 10 Little Things quilt. 

Here is the block that I made ~ very easy peasy!

And while I was rummaging through my stash for boy I Spy fabrics, I found a piece that I thought I could whip up fairly quickly into a small girlie quilt since I needed a project for: FNSI and to meet my personal challenge to sew out of my older stash. Here is what I sewed last night. 

The Sunbonnet Sue cheater fabric was inherited years ago from my mom and was a panel to make a small pillow. Sorry mom, that was never going to happen. The pink with tiny red dots and the muslin was given to me by a friend of a friend whose mother could no longer sew but had a huge inventory of hoarded fabric. Someday I should take a picture of the stack that I received which was only a teeny, tiny bit of the total. But that's for another day.
The purple and green prints are from my stash of 30's fabric. 

I started by cutting out the little panels and framing them with the pink. After putting them together and measuring the length, I figured the width size and then searched my stash to see what I had to coordinate. I sewed the column of Sunbonnet Sue slightly off center and this is how it finished around 11pm before calling it a night. I will probably leave it as a flimsy until I get back from vacation (unless I get antsy to sew something) but I did find a backing fabric from my stash! Not sure what I should do with this quilt. Any ideas for donating it?
Join me here in seeing what others sew this Friday Night. 


  1. What a sweet quilt! I'm sure whoever you donate it to will love it!
    Have a great trip! Sounds like so much fun!!!

  2. Have fun in your cheater quilt...

  3. Please check with your local Hospital NICU unit. They are always in need of blankets and if not the NICU then the children's floor. I make Project Linus blankets all the time and I can't make enough to keep up with the demand. My daughter is a professional photographer that donates her time to NILMDTS Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep which gives parents who have lost a child at birth, the opportunity to have professional pictures of their "angel baby". The pictures are done in B&W with very muted & subdued edited images. The photographers are always in need of blankets as well. Check with your local NICU for that opportunity. I love your little Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt.
    Gmama Jane

  4. to a lovely safe trip..look forward to hearing all about it..and your quilting is just fabulous as always lol

  5. There are many places like NICU's to donate, but since this is Mom's sunbonnet sue fabric and your wonderful quilting I think you should bring it on your trip and give to your grandniece. It would be cherished by her.

  6. Have a wonderful time Dawn - and safe travels! blessings, marlene


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