Sunday, February 3, 2013

Progress Report

 My DH was out of town on business all week which gave me time to spend in my sewing room. However, Monday is Knitting Club so there was no stitching done...but I have finally finished my first sock! I have barely started the matching pair.
I did work diligently on completing the Airplane blocks I showed last week. I had a lot of fun paper piecing these blocks! Then I arranged and rearranged the blocks to decide on the layout of the quilt. I tried 4 different layouts...and the winner is...
I really like the fun secondary design shape that emerged with this layout. I  also had to make a decision on the borders. Since the blocks are 6" finished...the quilt was only 24" x 36"...a bit smaller than I wanted. I added a 1" gray inner border, then a 1" scrappy border with small squares of the fabrics used in the planes, and finally a 3" outer border in Kona Snow (the background fabric.) The quilt is now 34" x 40"...a nice size for a baby quilt. I will sandwich and quilt this week! 
And since this week closed out the month of is my completed pages of my Art Journal ~ 365 Challenge.
I am not an lettering needs a bit of improvement but I did jot down an event from every day...which in itself is an accomplishment. I have tried keeping journals before and have failed so I'm pretty happy with it. 
What have you been working on? 
Soon it will be time to enjoy the Superbowl! Maybe I'll get some knitting done but probably not Ü.


  1. Your airplane block looks great, and love your Art Journal. I would like to find the time to learn how to knit, maybe when I retire.

  2. Your airplane quilt is adorable Dawn! I see you have been to the gym this month.... Yea for you! My desire for the rest of my life is to get stronger and have less flab :) I joined the rec center (YMCA) a week and a half ago. I have the hardest time keeping myself disciplined to exercise. I'd rather be sewing but needed to make a life change to make myself do something every day. Hopefully I will start to like it if I keep at it. :)Beautiful day in Iowa today. I went sleding with my granddaughter. Lots of fun and laughs and "exercise" walking up and down the hill with a thousand layers on :)
    Continue the good work in Feb! Love seeing your projects.

  3. Sock is amazing! Love the airplane block pattern, the quilt is beautiful.

  4. I quilt design. Then reading I thought...airplanes? What airplanes? Of course I could see them right away then. So that means your secondary design is quite evident. Just thought you might like to know that. A wonderfully cute baby quilt. Hooray for January! Your calendar looks fab! I too have struggled with unsuccessful journaling so I'm overly thrilled with this project. This little block stuff I can do!

  5. You Go Girl - you are an inspiration to keep on keeping on. Lovely things you are/have worked on this past month.


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