Sunday, March 23, 2014

Art Journal Update

Although I'm about a month behind, I am still working on my 365 Days Art Journals. I have finally finished recording on the February calendar and I finished my March calendar (before entries.) 
For March I went with a green Irish/shamrock theme. Here it is before entries. 
I had the background fabric in my stash from when I use to make banners for my garden. The kelly green squares are from a Kona swap. I am using a white stamp pad and marker for my entries. 

Life doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Slowly, I have been working on hand sewing my hexagon quilt and also piecing another small quilt top. Hopefully I will have some pictures soon. 
I hope to get back to blogging (and blog reading) on a little more regular basis. I miss seeing what everyone is working on and sharing with you. 


  1. Love your fabric months! You know I love the mix of stamping and handwriting. March looks especially fun with the solid blocks over the printed background. I imagine your plan for white stamping and writing will really look great.

  2. God Bless the stash :) I love it when I go to make something and I already have what I need. A lot of creativity is expressed in each month of your journal. I love your little to do list on the side. Great job sticking with this month after month.... I think I would have puttered out long ago. Janita


Sweet sentiments