Saturday, May 21, 2016

Progress Report

This will be short as much progress has not been made. 
I have 7 more days of school before summer vacation! I anticipate spending a bit more time in my sewing room. 
I did finish my May block for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. The color is Evergreen ~ not one of my favorites but I did find enough to make the block!

I also have been sewing a few more Little Blue Houses. I have 17 done...all in different blue fabrics. 

This a ongoing project that fills in when I have small pockets of time. 
I'm lov'n them!

For Mother's Day, we went to the Chicago Art Institute to see the Van Gogh exhibit. It was fabulous!
It helped that my DD1's student was able to get us VIP treatment bypassing very long lines. 

 As a knitter as well as a quilter, I thought Van Gogh's use of wool to experiment with color combinations was quite interesting.
Self portrait
Van Gogh's chair painting
One of three paintings of the bedroom
Transplanted inside a Van Gogh painting.
These are a few of my favorites! The exhibit was well done!


  1. I like the variety of greens in the green block for May but I must admit I really love the little blue and white houses. I didn't know that van Gogh had the yarns for his colour experimentation. Nice to learn something new.

  2. Yes I do love your little blue houses!! I looked for the house pattern on the McCalls web site but didn't find it but I was kind of in a hurry.... I'll have to do a bit more searching when I have time. I have decided to jump in on the rainbow scrap challenge. : ) I feel like it will take me fifty years to finish but little by little it will take shape. I'm doing the 4 patch Quilt-A-Long in American Patchwork and quilting magazine from April last year. "Rainbow Rows" by Lissa Alexander . Each little 4 patch is 2 1/2 inches. unfinished. The goal at the moment is 50 patches a week..... can I do it ????? Planning it to be a little summer sewing project where I can start and stop easily if I don't have much time. Summer seems to be a good time for rainbows. I should use it as a leader/ender project but once I get them cut I just want to chain piece away and sew them all up.

    Your rainbow lanterns( not sure what the name of your pattern is) will be wonderful when you are finished.
    Happy summertime to you! Hope you find lots of time to sew. Janita

  3. I made 12 House Blocks last summer. I admire you for your fortitude. After 12, I was DONE!! (They are beautiful, though...)

  4. Those houses are so cute! They look awfully tiny!! Are they paper pieced?

  5. How fun to get to be part of a Van Gogh painting! There's a treasure to remember your fun day. Those little houses are just so sweet. That's quite the undertaking to make a quilt with them. They look so small but mighty.

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