Sunday, April 11, 2021

Playing with Blue Scraps

 It has been a very busy time in my family but April started a new color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge and I managed to squeeze in some time to play with my blue scrap bin and make 10 wonky shoo fly blocks! 

I also made 10 Joy Luck blocks!
Here are all 4 colors together!
I'm linking to Scrap Happy Saturday @So Scrappy.
So why have I been so busy? 
As you may know, last May my daughter's family moved in with us. My SIL was to go back to school for nursing (a new career). Due to COVID-19, it was harder than expected to fulfil hours needed and school was postponed until this Fall. He did finish the required CNA program and is working as an aid. After almost a year with us, they bought a house close by and are trying to get it renovated before moving in. The house was previously owned by an older couple that haven't been living in the house for a year. It needed a lot of cleaning and updating. It isn't easy to find time when you have a 2 year old and jobs but thankfully they can stay with us until it is ready. 
Our grandson!
On top of the new house, our oldest daughter and her boyfriend got engaged 1 week before the close. 
Since they had been together for several years, they decided that they were going to get married on 4-3-21. They had a private wedding ceremony and then we met as a family at the Chicago Botanical Gardens for an small gathering! There will be more celebrating as it becomes safe to do it. 

We are so excited for them! What a beautiful day they had! ❤️


  1. Dawn,, your blue scrappy blocks look awesome in both designs. I’m looking forward to how you’ll put them all together.
    Your Grandson is a cutie! And looks like he has a great sense of humor.
    Congratulations to your daughter! I love that they married on 4 3 2 1 . How fun is that.

  2. Hi Dawn! What fabulous photos! How cool to get married on 4/3/21. I have a friend that got married that same day for the same reason (well, and love!). Your grandson - how priceless is that time you get to spend with him?!! {{Hugs}} Fun times in spite of COVID. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Lots of good news! Great pics!


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