Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in results

Although progress was made in little ways, no real finishes except the knitted coffee cozies. 

Marinier's Compass Progress:
I spent the early part of the evening in my sewing room working on the 1st compass for my mariner's compass quilt in the green colorwave.  I was able to get these 8 pieces together before the Olympics called me to change projects so I could watch the events.  Yes, watching the Olympics has been exciting but it has slowed down the time I have to spend in my sewing room (no TV in there!) 
It was pretty neat to see Norway with the gold in men's super G and the USA getting the silver and bronze.  (My husband is Norwegian!)

Knitting Progress:
I needed to finish up the 7 knitted coffee cozies, weaving and securing the tail ends.  I then washed and blocked them so they would be ready to take to my daughter on Sunday when we visit! (There is a second blue one hiding behind the other blue one.)  

Since I have started this blog, I have become aware of so many talented ladies out in cyber world.  After reading so many blogs, I have challenged myself to yet another new handcraft - stitchery!  I am starting small with the cute Valentine hearts from Kviltstina. Yes, I know that it is after Valentine's Day but hearts and love are for everyday so here are the ones I have finished yesterday!

They are so pretty....wouldn't you agree!!

Well, we are off to Indiana with excitement to see our daughter, Kirsten's Senior Show!  This is the culmination of 4 years of hard work!  We are so proud of her!


  1. Wow! Look great! I actually dragged my sewing machine into the kitchen so that I could watch the Olympics while I was sewing on Friday night. It worked out pretty well, despite a few wonky seams from when I was distracted.

  2. Those are beautiful stitcheries! Love the sweet colors and hearts!

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