Thursday, May 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In & a dilemma

Tomorrow is Friday Night Sew-In and I hope you are ready!  It really is a good time to reward yourself with some sewing time.  What will you be working on?  

I had a dilemma.  A couple of posts back, I talked about 2 quilts that I was making.  One I finished piecing the top and the other the blocks were finished.  As the finished one hung on my design wall while I was just too busy to get much sewing done, I grew increasingly dissatisfied with it.  I knew that if I didn't take drastic measures, it would become a permanent UFO.  So after looking at several blogs and other web sites for ideas, I took out a clean sheet of graph paper and started over.  Of coarse that meant that I needed to rip out the entire quilt top.  I recut some pieces and added new some fabric.  It is now, once again, a work in process.  I still need to rip out the stitching on all the blocks for the second quilt and recut but I have a renewed interest in these quilts.  I saved them from becoming UFO's!    [Sorry I never took before pictures.]      Has this ever happened to you?  How did you handle your situation?    I'd love to hear! 

Will be back on Saturday for the results of my Friday Night Sew-In!

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