Saturday, June 25, 2011

It seems forever ago...

My birthday was just Monday let it seems so long ago.  The very next day, a major storm rolled through our area* and then we had no power for 40+ hours.  It briefly came back on for 1 1/2 hours and was off again.  It was again restored but no internet. Yesterday by mid-morning everything here was back to normal but some of my neighbors are still without.  It has been a long week! 

Our canopy over our deck was thrown into our yard in pieces and we lost several shingles from our roof.

My DH's mini evergreen tree was smashed (see it on the right.)

My planter was flipped off the deck.

Furniture was rearranged.

And just down the block was of many!

Just hanging on the power lines!

So after I was restored to normal, I checked my blog and the next step in the Simple Things QAL was posted!  Sew this is what I got busy doing.  
Yay for electricity and internet!

Aren't they cute!

*Edited: (it was confirmed 2 tornadoes touched down.) This storm doesn't compare to the recent devastation in other areas like Alabama & Missouri, just an account of what happened in my life. 


  1. It seems many are going through those big storms. So far, thank the Lord, we haven't had that major of "headache". I hope things are a bit more normal. (Happy Belated Birthday!)


  2. Wow! That was quite a storm~ so glad you were all safe. Love your Simple Things blocks! Happy belated b-day~ and have a great tomorrow!

  3. They are cute...

    that was some storm....glad you only suffered minor damage.


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