Saturday, November 19, 2011

FNSI Results!

Sew I didn't get very much done for the Sew In! It has been an incredibly busy week for me. It is collection week at my church for this...

and I am proudly on the committee. So far we have collected and packed into shipper boxes over 1200 shoe boxes. The energy is great and the enthusiasm is catching. Operation Christmas Child is such a great project for everyone...young to old, teens, families, friends, etc and it reaches needy children all over the world with the love of Jesus. We have 2 more days of collection and the boxes will be shipped to headquarters and sorted for the country they will be going to. If you haven't heard of this project, find the Operation Christmas Child collection site near you or go online to pack a box!

Sew back to FNSI...I managed to finish up my November Birdie BOM. 

and I sewed these little HST. 

As you can see they are pretty small...1"
...I did cut out a bunch more but don't have a picture of them. 

This weekend will be very busy but I'm thankful that school is closed for Thanksgiving Break and I will have all week to relax and catch up (even with the holiday.)
Hope you all had fun on FNSI! Check out what everyone was doing here.


  1. Love your birdie block,I'm still stitching October's block.What a great idea with the shoe boxes I know another lady who is also working on these too from my craft forum :) Barb.

  2. The shoe box project is such a wonderful one... thanks for being part of the team at your church!

    Love your November birdie block... whatever are you going to make with those teensy-tinesy red and green HSTs???

  3. Such teeny, tiny hsts! Your birdie block is wonderful.


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