Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quick post

Spring Break has officially started in the School District I work. I don't typically go away over break but this year is different and I am so excited! I will be visiting my DD2 and SIL in Austin, TX. 
I am traveling there alone leaving my DH home. To keep him busy so he won't miss me too much (hehe), he is going to be giving my sewing room a fresh coat of paint and some other updates. 
This past week I have been packing up everything {boy do I have a lot of stuff.} I left a few things to the last minute because I really couldn't see not sewing for very long.  So you ask, what did you work on? 

A couple of new pin cushions! 
I am aware that there has been much written and discussed about Pinterest among bloggers lately. I admit that I do enjoy it and have gotten a lot of inspiration from the site. I will not be making any judgements yet and will try to keep calm. I only pin if I have made sure the link to the original site is working and the proper credit is given. To be honest, I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to spend on this time consuming addition. 
Sew until further notice...I will be working on my hexies.

For those of you interested, I also added a subscribe to button so you can now get notice of when I post. Look on my left sidebar. 
You are sew very appreciated!


  1. Have a great Spring break! I'm glad to see that not everyone is spinning into a tizzy over Pinterest.

  2. Wave at me as you pass through central IL (QC area) and give my Baby Brother a GIANT wave when you get to TX for me! Are you sure there is nowhere for me to stow away?? I do so wish I got to go see him this year! :(

  3. Those are darling little cushions!
    Have fun in Austin. I don't live far from there. Be sure to get out to the countryside and see the wildflowers and bluebonnets!


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