Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Friday night

If your looking for my entry in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival, it's here.
Last night was the FNSI hosted by Heidi and Bobbie. I had all the intentions of getting a bit done. I had been playing with HST recently and finished this chevron top and wanted to have it sandwiched so I could quilt it on Friday night.

But that didn't happen since I was called into work a few extra days and never made it to my LQS to find the perfect backing.

Plan B was to work on my red, white, and blue blocks for the up coming hop and the block I signed up to make for Quilting for Kids. After work, I took a few minutes to visit blogs on the Bloggers' Quilt Festival when my husband comes home from work. I could tell something was up with all his activity and could over hear his phone conversation.
He calls to me and asks if I wanted to go with him to get the swarm. 
[one of my hubby's hobby is beekeeping]
So we head off to find this!

So now the bees are safe and sound in a hive box and hopefully will happily go about making honey!

Back at home, there is still time to sew however this little sweetie comes visiting with our DD1.

We is such a sweet little guy and not much gets done when he is visiting except walks, play time, and snuggle time.

But I was determined to do some sewing. So when my DD1 took a little night nap, I headed to my sewing room and worked on this block.

A 12 1/2" Square in a Square block for Quilting for Kids on Flickr. It will be in the mail soon! 
This block was so easy to put together, I had a few minutes to look through my stash to see if I could find a backing for my chevrons before I called it 'quits' for the night. Look what I found!

I think it will work out perfectly! Now to work on piecing the back...sandwich and quilt!

Well, even though it wasn't exactly as planned, my night was quite productive! How about yours? Head over to Bobbie's blog to find out what other's accomplished.


  1. Seems like you accomplished a lot! We had bees swarm our apple tree @ 30 years ago. Finally found someone to collect the bees not kill them and we enjoyed his association and keeping of our bees for several years until we moved. Thanks for sharing your pictues and story and have a great day

  2. The chevrons are great. Love the blue and white. I think you found a perfect backing.

    Looks like you and DH were busy with that swarm. Do you think they were escapees from a different bee keeper? Often wondered how the swarm happens. Our local elementary seems to get a swarm every couple of years.

    The kids quilt is cute. Is that octogon in the center square pieced or just a design in the fabric?

    You've sure been busy!


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