Friday, July 27, 2012

A sweet finish and some...

I just wanted to write a quick post to show my latest finish. I showed the top all put together it is all finished...sandwiched...quilted...binding sewn...soft and tumbled...and as cute as can be!

This quilt will be donated somewhere...just not sure where yet.

The large panels made a nice canvas to do some FMQ. In the cheater fabric, I just echoed around the figures. In the all over Sunbonnet Sue blocks, I FMQ a ring of hearts, in the purple print panel, I quilted some diagonal lines, in the green print panel, I FMQ some interlocking hearts, and finally in the plain muslin panels, I FMQ some Sunbonnet Sue dolls.

Here is a close up.

Last weekend, my DH and I harvested our potatoes! It was quite a crop for a little backyard garden.

If you haven't tried growing potatoes, you should...they are fun to grow and harvest and yummy to eat!

Tonight is opening ceremonies for the Olympics! I love watching all the fun and competitions throughout the 2 weeks. 
I have some hand quilting ready to keep my hands busy while I watch.
Will you be watching?


  1. You did get alot of potatoes!! Love the Sunbonnet Sue!!

  2. I love the Sunbonnet Sue in FMQ! Great idea and very nicely done.

    We need to talk potatoes sometime. We had our 1st experience this year and had a nice crop in a very small space despite the fact that we had no idea what we were doing or when to harvest. We could use some pointers for next time. I wish we had taken photos. I do feel like Madame Samm said, "I am a potato farmer". I enjoy growing my tomatoes, green beans and carrots, but everyone does that. I think since potatoes aren't something everyone does, it makes it more fun.

  3. BTW, we just loved the opening ceremonies last night. I love the whole story behind it and the forging of the rings. Of course the queen parachuting in with James Bond was a hoot.

  4. Could not agree more..growing your own potatoes is one of the thrills we had this year in our tiny garden...
    and love your quilt...Nothing surprises me of what comes out of those amazing fingers lol

  5. Beautiful quilt and do those potatoes look yummy!


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