Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here they are!

Wow! What a world wind of inspiring blocks during the Red White and Blue Blog Hop! I want to thank all those that visited here. Your comments and encouragement meant a lot to me! 

Now, several of you asked for the patterns for the paper pieced stars which I drew. These included the Tennessee Star, Hawaii Star and the Star of Stripes. I finally had a chance to draw up the patterns to share. Thanks for your patience as I emerged back into life...jet lag...argh!
 Before I give the link, I wanted to give a few guide lines to my patterns. 
Each section that will be paper pieced together has a letter...A, B, C. Within those pieces, the sections are numbered 1, 2,3...etc. depending on the number of pieces to that section. When piecing, follow the number order.  
I also marked what color I used for each section. You can use that information and the pictures below  as a reference. Feel free to choose any color that you want. I also noted how to put together the sections to complete one quarter of the star. You need to make 4 for each star...make 4 copies of the pattern. 
Remember that when you paper piece, you are working from the back of the piece. If you are unfamiliar with this technique, I suggest that you look for some tutorials. I am not going to give a tutorial on paper piecing since there are many available online. 
One last bit of information...I am not very technical so I hope this works. I put a 1" square on each pattern so that you can tell if the pattern size is accurate. If you are having any problems, please leave me a comment or email and I will do my best to help. 
So without further adieu...

Yesterday I spent the day helping my DD1 with her apartment. After a full morning of running around for needed supplies, we were able to finish one of the projects. 

This is a no sew Faux Roman Shade that she found on Pinterest. It is cleverly constructed and looks great! It doesn't raise or lower easily but this window is in the studio part of her place so it doesn't need to be closed often.
While running around getting supplies, look what I found at Hancock Fabrics. 

Heather Ross' line of fabric ~ Crafty Chloe. There is one more print in the line but the store I was in hadn't received it yet. The prints are too cute...with the Heather Ross unique look. I love them!

I caught up with one of my BOM...First Monday of the Month over at Quilt Story. July's theme is rounded. Here is my block...

...and all of them so far...can you see my mistake? 
My HST block was made with Kona Snow and my Hour Glass block with Kona White. It will drive me crazy so I will be remaking the Hour Glass block.

I have hundreds of photos of our Norway vacation but I will only post a few in the coming days...don't want to bore you with vacation overload...but Norway is so beautiful...I'll share the best! 

Tomorrow is a big event day...I'll be back soon to show and tell!


  1. Your blocks are just beautiful. Greetings from Norway, and waiting for your photos.

  2. Oh my word, these were my fav but we could only choose one from each creator lol..where do i find the patterns Dawn all i got was the photo enlarged,,,,,,you know i will be making these...they are perfect...

  3. Thanks for the patterns for the Stars.
    I especially love the Tennessee Star and the Stars and Stripes.

    Great Roman shade. I'm sure she loves it.

    I had no problem getting the patterns by clicking on the name.


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