Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Norway Part 2

As promised, I'm back to share pictures from the 2nd half of our time in Norway...the time we spent in the country. Warning: Heavy picture post. 

My DH's parents live on the family farm. They do not own the main farm property but have a house on the farmland. My DH's grandfather divided a portion of the land to each sibling except the oldest (he inherited the main farmland). Long ago they built a small summer house. When they retired and decided to live on the farm, they added on to the house and made other improvements. 

The farm has old houses like the old farm house.
The date on the stone stoop...1864

And the main farm house

Several of my DH's aunts and uncles also have summer homes on the property and there is a boat house down at the fjord, a mill house, barn and other buildings.

We hiked all around the farm, picked wild blueberries and wild flowers, skipped stones and enjoyed the beautiful days.

We took a day trip into Bergen. 
Our DD1 studied in Bergen during her sophomore year in college. We were able to meet up with her friend.

Vage ~ harbor where we catch the ferry to Bergen

Much of the transportation in Norway is by ferry.

Old Bergen

Bryggen from across the harbor

 On another day, we took a trip to Folgefonna Glacier. There was plenty of snow up in the mountains!

Driving to Folgefonna

That high peak is the highest peak on the family farm as seen from across the fjord.

DH hiking in the snow

DD1 & DD3 on top of a big boulder

It was truly hard to pick just a few pictures among hundreds to give you a taste of the beauty of Norway and the great time we had. 

We had some great family times and it was hard to say goodbye.

Our 3 beautiful daughters down at the boathouse. 

Our family!

Hope you enjoyed the sites.

I'll be back in a couple of days with some finishes!


  1. Awesome photos. So nice that everyone was able to spend time together in such a beautiful place.

  2. love your photos...long ago i had a penpal in bergen and she sent me some norwegian items. we eventually lost touch but i think of her when i see photos like these.

  3. what a beautiful place. Your family photos are great too. Beautiful daughters.

  4. Its a small world, I'm born in Norway, and lived 3 years in Bergen, long time ago...
    Now I live in the south of Sweden, but visits Oslo, Lillehammer and Molde each year. In Oslo we have a flat, and my mother lives in Lillehamer... and its just funny that you visits my blog to day. Thanks for your comments.


Sweet sentiments