Monday, November 26, 2012

A little bit of knitting

I have been doing a bit of knitting lately. I came across this very cute and easy to do knitting pattern for a little sweater for a newborn baby. I knitted one in pink and one in blue. I really don't have anyone in particular in mind to gift them to even though I do know quite a few babies arriving soon. 

They were just fun to knit and very cute and soft!
Edit: Here is the pattern.

I also knitted this hat and scarf set for a 5 year old boy. One of the schools I teach at adopts some families for Christmas and this was one of the items on the wish list. 

I also knitted this bandana cowl pattern. It will keep me warm in the winter!

I have continued crocheting around fleece to make blankets and finished one more baby blanket, one lap size and a good size throw. You can see one here. One will be gifted, one donated and the other may stay here for the winter.

Come back tomorrow for my turn on Holiday Lane!Edit:

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  1. Beautiful! I really need to learn how to 'really' knit, and not just make squares and washcloths!


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