Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday's Summary

It's Sunday, which means it is time again to summarize what has been happening in and around my sewing room!
I will admit that with quilt finishes the last 2 weeks, this week's post isn't as exciting. I did have some mini finishes! 
First, my DD1 had ask me to knit a pair of boot toppers in cream or gray. She wanted a pair like the ones I knitted for myself in brown.
(sorry I never took pictures of them to share here)
Looking through my yarn stash, I didn't have enough of either of those colors so I took a trip to the yarn store. I picked up some cream alpaca yarn. 
I worked with a stretchy cast on and bind off technique found on Pinterest here and here. The pattern has three rows of cables for the cuff and ribbing for the part that tucks into your boot. I found the pattern here.

I also made a mini pincushion that adheres to my sewing machine. If I'm sewing with a lot of pins, I use a magnetic pin dish but when I am sewing small pieces and use only a pin or 2, this little pincushion is so nice. I found my inspiration on Kaaren's blog, The Painted Quilt here
I made it from the left over HST from last week's quilt finish, Giraffe Love. Stay tuned...I may just make some more and offer them as a giveaway. Anyone interested? Leave me a comment.
This week I have been playing with some triangles. I can't say much about this quilt yet but this is what my design wall looks like. The pattern is inspired by Anna Maria Horner’s patchwork prism quilt. I am using a 6" equilateral triangle instead of 9". I am trying to achieve a pixelated affect using triangles. More about this later. 
With the month of February ending, I completed my entries for my Art Journal challenge. 
I also found some time to play learn a little more about the Touchdraw app for my iPad. Did you notice my new improved button? 
Until next week...


  1. Some fun stuff you've got going on, Dawn. And then I got to your know that grabbed my attention. Your finished February journal looks great! It will be so fun to look back on these months.

  2. Cute pincushion! How small is it???


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