Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday's Summary

I'm a little late posting this as most of Sunday has past. It has been a little busy around here as my DD2 has come for a visit. It just happened that our plans for our visit to Austin and her plans to come home were just a week apart. Her main purpose in coming home is to see this little guy.

And his DD2's best friend.

I did manage to get Rainbow Scrap Challenge block done. April's color is green!

Here are the finished blocks all together. Since my last post of this block, I have had several inquiries wanting to know about this pattern. It is called Russian Rubix by Prairie Grass patterns. I bought the pattern at Connecting Threads a while back. I didn't see it in their latest catalog and I'm not certain if it is available elsewhere.

I promised to tell you about the quilt I was working on to take to Austin but it is getting late so it will have to wait. I should also have my Quilt Story BOM quilt finished soon! 

Remember Hurricane Sandy? Well, I sent several blocks to help in the Hurricane Sandy Relief Quilt Effort...this week this postcard came in the mail.
Never expected it...just glad to do a small part...makes me smile to see the end results...helping people in need. 


  1. Really cute idea for your Rainbow Scrap blocks! I have not seen the pattern before, but it's a great choice for this project!

  2. Such beautiful rainbow blocks! And a beautiful baby too!

  3. Just found you as I was investigating the RSC13 Challenge, and considering whether it's too late to start or if I even have enough scraps to participate. Saw your Green block on So Scrappy's blog and just love it. Gonna have to jump over to Connecting Threads and see if they have the pattern still. Just wanted to tell you how beautiful your blocks are.
    And thank you for your support of the Hurricane Sandy Relief. I had the honor of assisting with property preservation inspections this past December and January in New Jersey, and saw up close what they are still going through, and how "Jersey Strong" the good folks out ther are. Well done on sending some love, color and encouragement their way!!
    Y'all have a great day, and thanks for the inspiration!


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