Monday, August 5, 2013

August Art Journal finished

Well, I got my August Art Journal finished...only a few days late! The pages were all sewn together on Friday but I needed to do the stamping and embellishment. We were headed out of town for the weekend so I knew it would have to wait until today.

Here is my finished journal for July.

And for August...
It is my interpretation of a big city skyline...none in particular but I did make one to resemble the Sears Willis Tower. Sorry but we still pronounce Willis as Sears!
I have wanted to try to use silhouettes and tried making a perspective of walking down the block. The button embellishments are foam buttons of a clock, journal page and a Chicago postage mark depicting a busy city. I'm pretty pleased with my page...a little different for me.
What do you think?


  1. I live in Illinois also and I believe it will always be pronounced Sears!

  2. What do I think? I think FABULOUS! Your city is awesome! So clever extending the height of the buildings. I just got a skyline rubber stamp so I'm so going to steal this idea from you...maybe for a month next year. Did you make your own silhouettes? I just saw how to do that the other day and am anxious to try it. August is going to look so cool all filled in. And July looks just as FAB! Love your Shopping Therapy day. I'm going to use that one first shopping therapy day I can get. LOL Did you use stamps sometimes or have you done all the lettering by hand? I am thoroughly impressed and inspired today!

  3. These are terrific. The skyline is wonderful...brings back memories of working downtown.


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