Wednesday, July 31, 2013


It has been awhile since I reported on my hexagon progress. This is my ongoing, take-along project without a deadline.
Little by little I have been slowly working on hexagons. At first I didn't know what I would do with my hexagons. About 1 1/2 years ago, I decided on a layout and have been making white hexagon flowers. 
I finally have 10 rows of scrappy hexagon flowers and 9 rows of white hexagon flowers. I still need to make a few more of each so that the rows have 8 flowers across. I also need a bunch of filler hexagons. 
 This past week, I started to sew the rows together! The first 2 rows are finished. 
I'm not sure how I will finish the edges but that will be a decision for much later. Another trip in the car this weekend...maybe I will be able to get a few more rows done!

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  1. I can't get into hexies myself, but I sure enjoy what everyone else does with them. This is beautiful, Dawn! Hexies make an awesome scrappy project.

  2. Stunning! I know how much work these are!

  3. My next project is going to be hexies I think..... I have to do it.That quilt is to beautiful not to be tried. Gorgeous!

  4. It is going to be beautiful.... you are so committed. I don't think I could do this. It would be a UFO in a bag for sure!

    On an exercise note.... I rode one day of the bike ride across Iowa (RAGBRAI) last week!! 54 miles. It was a WHOO-HOO moment indeed. I am maintaining now until we leave for Washington state in Sept. I think I will be able to do it now.

    summer is flying by ! janita

  5. I love the look of the white separating the print flowers!

  6. Stunning as usual.
    I'm going to try hexies for the upcoming hop, but nothing as ambitious as your beautiful quilt.

  7. Love your hexies with the white ...I'm on a hexie obsession now and love seeing what everyone else is doing with them...Thanx for sharing :)


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