Monday, July 15, 2013

A FINISH and more Sewing from Mom's Sewing Room!

I have been busy since the last time I posted. 
I have some very exciting news ... I have a finish!
The pattern is a variation on the traditional log cabin. With my graph paper and pencil in hand, I drew up the arrangement so the blocks created a star that was  off center and a diamond shape framing the star.

The fabric is 9 by Sanae for Moda and Kona cotton in natural (I think.)
The back is also from 9 by Sanae. All one piece...and the quilting is concentric circles from the center of the star. 
This is my first attempt at quilting concentric circles. Most people advise to start on something, not me...I have to jump into a rather large quilt. 
The quilt finishes at 72" x 84"
I love how the quilting shows on the back of the quilt. I have to say that I'm rather pleased with the way it turned out. 
That's our new adopted dog, our Nellie.
And because we were at the bee yard, I tried to take a couple of pictures but the lighting was not the best.

I also spent another day sorting and organizing my mom's sewing room. Again, I took home a few things to work on for her and I finished a few more from the original pile.
Another set of kitchen towels, hemmed.
A hanky from a panel that needed to be hemmed.
Another soft book.
My mom loves those panels!

This weekend, my DH and I harvested our potato crop! This was our best yet...over 20 lbs of red potatoes! 

We city farmers! LOL!

Lots of potato salad in our future, I'd say!


  1. Your quilt is beautiful; I love the circles Dawn! Did you do it free motion or with a walking foot? Would love to hear more details on how you did it?

  2. The quilt is wonderful. All those circles. I am with Sheila, how did you go about it?

  3. Dawn, your quilt is a BEAUTY! It looks awesome set off center. Love the circle quilting too.

  4. Beautiful!!! There is nothing more satisfying than a finished quilt. Is this one of your wedding quilts? The summer is just flying by here. It is the week of our little Southern Iowa Fair. Our little quilt guild has a quilt show at the fair. I have a few little projects at the show.... I wanted to have other projects finished but it just didn't happen. How does life get away from me.

    The potatoes look really big.... good job Mr. and Mrs. city gardeners! We try our hand at potatoes each year with not always the most satisfying results. Bryce talked about digging up his first hill last night. We are always experimenting with how to plant potatoes. this year we did it "MY" way.... HA my husband was thinking my way was not the right way. Can't wait for the harvest :) so we can see! Take care, Janita

  5. You are good! Stunning Quilt. A joy to see. Thanks for sharing. Love the quilting! The potatoes look good enough to eat... Hugs

  6. Wow! I love, love, love the circles. It just showcases the log cabins! And I'm totally jealous of your potatoes - this year we tried potatoes in a pot for the first time and I'm thinking we might get 3. :) blessings, marlene

  7. Hello Dawn,

    Amazing quilt. Yes you did start on a big project but you did it. Congratulations.
    Love the home grown spuds too.

    Happy days.

  8. Oh Dawn, - I do so love your quilt! And, the quilting is just so beautiful! I love the circles! Awesome job - really awesome. Such cute little projects for your mom, too! How fun is that - 20 pounds of potatoes - enjoy all that potato salad and the fruits of your labor :0)!! Hugs!!


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