Saturday, July 20, 2013


It has been a while since I have participated in the Friday Night Sew-In (FNSI.) Thanks to Wendy at Sugarlane Quilts for sponsoring! 
I have been trying to put together a 60° triangle quilt to be used as a picnic quilt (in between wedding quilts.The first finished earlier this week! Posted here.) 
My Friday Night started early and I was able to finally finish sewing the center of the quilt top. 
The plan is to make a border all around with white triangles/half triangles. So I cut out 48 full triangles and 42 half triangles from Kona white. 
I then started sewing together one of the side borders.
That's how far I got before my DH came back in town...a bit delayed but a least before the storm hit.  
Visit here to see what all the participants did on their Friday night. 

I also submitted my Scrap~yard Picnic Quilt to Quilting Gallery's Show and Tell.
 I would be honored if your voted for it! 
Go here to vote and see some wonderful scrappy quilts!


  1. Love your quilt! Gorgeous, off to vote!

  2. You have been busy..lovely work on display..

  3. that's going to be such a cheerful quilt - very nice!! (stopping by from the FNSI sign up)

  4. love your work,well done.xx

  5. Your triangle quilt center looks awesome! I love the looks of your scrap-yard picnic quilt too!

  6. Your finished quilt is beautiful and the triangle blocks you're working on look so complicated...........there does seem to be some extraordinarily high temperatures around at the moment........we're not really used to such hot weather here in the UK.

  7. Love your triangle quilt, and the scrappy one is just so warm and cuddly - love it, too! So sorry I got here too late to vote!


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