Monday, June 13, 2016

The neighborhood is growing!

I have added a few more little blue houses to my growing neighborhood! I will keep on adding to them in between projects.
I have been working on the fancy fox quilt. It is almost a flimsy...need a top and bottom border. 
I was playing around with this idea in my head for awhile. I started with drawing it up on graph paper. I went back and forth on whether I should use a black and white stripe fabric for the borders or make it by sewing narrow strips together. Then I found this black and white stripe fabric that was printed on a diagonal at my LQS. So I went with it. Not sure that I accomplished exactly what I had in mind. The verdict is still out! It is all pieced and waiting for a backing.
I also worked on the lime green block for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  
Lovin' my time in my sewing room! Long overdue progress!
Also, spending a lot of time charity knitting with my knitting group!


  1. Those look great. I just love the blue houses.

  2. Lots of delight happening at your house! The fox quilt is so fun. And the line quilt reminds me of the Gee's Bend quilts that are so inspiring. I have always thought I wanted to try to replicate their style and make at least one quilt. My list of dream quilts is LONG. Thanks for stopping by The Girlfriend Gap and leaving a sweet comment on my Mama Said Sew quilt. : ) And the Pink grapefruit is some how magical. It might take a bit to kick in for weight loss at first so stick with it a couple months if you try it. I think my body had a lot of impurities it needed to cleanse itself of first before I could loose weight. But now every time I feel like I have slipped up and gained a few pounds I just get back on the grapefruit and down I go again very quickly. My husband drinks the pink grapefruit juice everyday and the last check of his cholesterol was the best it has ever been. Blood pressure also in check. Hope you will give it a whirl.... At first it might seem a bit chewy and a little bitter but the taste grows on you. I started with eating 1/2 Now I can eat a whole one and find them very refreshing. I think for me when I eat one It acts like a bit of an appetite suppressant. It is the membrane of the grapefruit and the white part (Pith) that is so good for you so try to leave a little bit of that on when you peal it. Hope you have a beautiful day. Janita


Sweet sentiments