Friday, July 1, 2016

Row By Row

Have you participated in the Row By Row experience before? 

I have not, as over the past few years I really didn't have much spare time and when I did have time for quilting, I had plenty of projects to do.  Last week, my hubby and I were able to take sometime visiting the Pacific Northwest. 
My hubby has customers out there so I tagged along and we added a few extra days.  
Mount Rainer
In the one quilt shop that I visited, I asked about their Row By Row pattern. It was a row of lighthouses and the theme was home for sailors. It was cute so that started my first Row By Row collection. 
Isn't that a cute name for a quilt shop?
Mount Hood
Mount St. Helen
Olympic Mountain Range, Mt. Olympus is behind the clouds

Back home, I visited one of the somewhat LQS for a demo day and picked up their Row By Row pattern. I continued a little further away to another LQS and picked up their pattern. It was themed America, My Home Sweet Home. Since this is the 4th of July weekend, I went straight to work at putting it together. 
I still have some wool appliqué to do and the wording. I just love it! I'm not sure if I will actually put this in a quilt or use it as a runner. 
What would you do?
Before leaving for the PNW, I sandwiched my Fancy Fox quilt and I am currently about 50% finished with the quilting. 
I also sandwiched a baby quilt that has been a flimsy for quite a while. My excuse for not completing it was that I didn't have someone in mind for it. 
Still don't, but it is time. Moving ahead!
A few more pictures from...
Pikes Place Market. So colorful!


  1. What gorgeous pictures! I love visiting that area.

    Your "flag" is stunning. I would use it for a runner. There are so many days when you could decorate with it. I also love the fox quilt.

    Soo...did you catch any flying fish????

  2. I've been to the Pike's Peak Market... So fun. The flag would be adorable either way... Quilt or runner. I have not done a row by row but I think I would like to some day. The Moda Row by Row looked so cute. A summertime theme row by row would be very cute. Yea for you for being SEW productive!! Janita


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