Friday, March 3, 2017

Project Quilting #5 Well Dressed Man

The 5th challenge for Project Quilting is the well-dressed man!
Immediately I thought of pin stripes or hounds tooth or herringbone...all patterns in mens wear that are classic. 
Then I did a search through my husband's closet where I found a few more patterns...stripes and plaids ties and shirts. I rummaged through his sock drawer and ...
I remember that for my daughter's wedding, my son-in-love wanted the men to wear argyle socks! 
This is not a picture from their wedding as it didn't get captured by their photographer.

The color scheme for their wedding was purples but my SIL didn't care what color argyle socks the men wore. So my husband bought these 
(he couldn't find purple). 
Using an argyle pattern - Argyle Sketches by QuilterChic available on Craftsy, I created this mini quilt.
Using the dimensions of the argyle diamonds in the pattern, I cut out 3 diamonds (2 blue and 1 gray). I used a darker charcoal gray for the background. I flipped the diamonds on their sides instead of upright like in the pattern to look like the socks.
I backed this with a print from my stash.
I quilted around each diamond in the ditch and extended the quilting into the border following the argyle diamonds. Then I hand quilted using big stitch quilting with pearl cotton, the white argyle lines. 
This quilt finishes at 15" x 22". Created by me in Des Plaines, IL



  1. That is adorable -- what a cute idea! :)

  2. So clever. I really enjoyed reading your process. The project is great!

  3. Love it ! Looks like you are having fun with these challenges : ) Thanks for sharing. Janita

  4. This is perfect! What a great inspiration! My SIL just got engaged and I'll have to share this with the groom to be! What a cool idea!


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