Thursday, March 16, 2017

Project Quilting #6 Time is Up

The final challenge for Project Quilting Season 8 is Time is Up. The challenge is anything related to time. I found that to be so broad that it was difficult narrowing it down. Do I go with the standard clock or calendar? 
What about seasons...spring time?  
Then there are all the sayings or idioms related to time.
Have a whale of a good time, Once Upon a Time, time out, most wonderful time of the year, running out of time, time flies, time is money...
Then there is time management and Time magazine. 
You get the idea...we use time for many things. I knew I couldn't ponder this too long as this is a short week for me as we are leaving to visit our daughters tomorrow. 
I decided to go with Tea Time. A mini quilt that I could use. I got started and while I was paper piecing my mind kept going...maybe I should do a play on these words...tee time...
No! I didn't have TIME to play. So here it is: Tea Time
This mini finishes at about 14" square. The tea pot and tea cup are paper pieced  using this pattern and I FMQ around the pot and cup as well as the background. I FMQ straight lines to represent the table. I used a doily under the tea pot.

This is the final challenge! Voting next week. It has been fun!
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  1. A lovely tea time, Dawn! It's hard to guess what you made the teapot doily from...a doily, a hanky, a piece of lace...but it is a perfect detail!

  2. such a sweet little quilt! I adore this! Thanks for joining in the pq fun this season!

  3. This is precious--great fabric choices and I just love the addition of the doily!!

  4. So beautiful. I hope you have it hanging where you can enjoy it. I know I would. Nice work!


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