Wednesday, August 9, 2017

It's all Natural!

August brought a new no color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge ~ low volume! My little spools look great in low volume but I've been using the same color for The Milky Way QAL and low volume doesn't speak well with night sky stars! Here are the cute little spools in low volume prints ranging from whites to dark creams. Looks like threads I would have in my sewing room!
Here are all the little spools so far!
 For most of the months, I made 5 spools but I originally was going to alternate the layout from 5 spools to 4 spools. Not sure what it will be in the end. I may need to make one more purple and one more red. They are just too cute!
I'll play with the layout when we get closer to the end of this year's challenge! I'm linking up to Scrap Happy Saturday over at SoScrappy.

So I had this dilemma that I mentioned above...low volume doesn't work well for night sky stars so I needed to pick another color for The Milky Way QAL. Way back in January, the color of the month was purple. The purple I used for my star was a very pinkish purple. 
So I decided I would make another purple star using deep purples. 
Here is Polaris!
The patterns and designs are available from Blossom Heart Quilts

The 6th block in Grandma's Kitchen Sew Along is Wash Day! I love this block and how it reminds me of the agitators on my grandma's and my mom's wringer washer.
I linked up to Grandma's Kitchen Sew Along over at Pat Sloan's blog.

Do you remember my 15 Minutes of Play blocks? This is what I decided to do with them. 
Using this pattern I uncovered in my sewing room, I resized it to fit my 'Play' blocks (which are 6" and the pattern called for 4"). I still used 2 1/2" strips to border the  'Play' blocks and make the star points which will result in the center of the secondary stars to be 4". I felt that there would already be plenty of negative space without making the strips larger. My blocks finish at 14". 
Stay tuned to see how my August goal turns out!


  1. Lots of Great finishes for you Dawn. I have my eye on Pat's sew along but haven't been able to make any blocks yet. And your little spool blocks I bet are extra sweet in real life. Something about little blocks that makes me giddy. Also looking forward to seeing more of your 15 minutes of play blocks. It looks like a great pattern for those. Hope the kitchen sorting is going well. My remodel project has kicked into high gear so there will be lots of painting the rest of this week. The end is in sight. We are excited with each step of transformation! Less mess and more sewing to look forward to ! Janita

  2. Oh, LOVE your spools, Dawn! Your blocks make me want to put my real spools all in rows and display them (but then they'd get dusty so I wont). LoL. Looking forward to your finish with these great spool blocks. All your other blocks looks great too.

  3. Love your spools, they do look great in low volume. What a pretty line up in all the colors. Nice remake of the Milky Way block. You have so many pretties to share!

  4. Wow! That's a fantastic set of blocks you are making.


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