Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Time to set those August goals

It is amazing that it is already August! 
School here starts very soon, August 17th for the students in my district. I'm not ready for summer vacation to be over!
However, it is time to set some goals! 
As I mentioned in a previous post, we are having our kitchen renovated. The contractors are now finished (Monday was their last day) so now it is up to us to finish the little things we didn't contract out. Thankful that my hubby is very saves a bit of money! It will be my job to put everything back into the cabinets (we have been living out of boxes and the dining room table full of odd sized things since the end of June)..more organized and slimmed down than before! Hehe!
Here are a few picture so far (my kitchen isn't very big so it is hard to get good photos.)

Across from stove

As for my quilting goals, I mentioned that I was organizing my sewing room a bit and uncovered a bunch of 'made-fabrics'. My LQS had Victoria Findlay Wolfe come for a lecture and workshop. I wasn't able to attend the workshop but I did go to the lecture and trunk show! She is quite amazing! If you ever have a chance to see or hear her ~ GO! The lecture was based on her 15 minutes of Play book (before her QuiltCon win and her incredible work on double wedding ring quilts!) 
I made these blocks after I was impressed by her story and work!
So my goal for August is to make something out of these blocks. A month to play with scraps!
I will most likely make more blocks as there are only 8 rainbow colored blocks. I did find one partially completed low volume block and 3 more orphaned low volume blocks (foundation pieced) that my daughter made when she made this quiltNot sure if I will use them. 
As always, I will keep up with the RSC, the Milky Way QAL, and the Grandma's Kitchen challenge blocks. 
I'm linking up to One Monthly Goal for August over at Elm Street Quilts. 
What are your goals!


  1. Dawn your kitchen looks fabulous. I hate spending the money on things like
    this but so worth it in the end to have a space that works especially in the kitchen. Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post. White to me is a breath of fresh air. I know some think it as boring but I would rather accessorize and switch it out with the seasons than have one look day after day all year long. We are in the midst of one big remodel and a little bedroom transformation at the moment. I'm so over the Mess of everything everywhere. Not much longer though :) I like your little rainbow string blocks . Victoria is inspiring and I have followed her for a while with her 15 min play. Enjoy your last few days of summer. Janita

  2. Fun blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  3. Looks like a fun and colorful set of blocks to play with this month. Good luck on both your sewing room and kitchen goals.

  4. Dawn, enjoy your new kitchen! Lately I have been inspired and wanting to stitch together my scraps. Into what though I don't know. It will be fun for me to wait and see what you do here with your blocks.

  5. Your kitchen looks great! We finally finished with the little things in our kitchen earlier this spring. It was a long process, but so worth it!!! I am so happy for you!

  6. I love these blocks and I think it is great that you have taken them out again to do something with them. Have fun.


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