Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew-in results

This will be a quick post to tell you all what I did for FNSI! 

First on my list was making a school of fish!  
See those catch those cute little fish.  

Still need to attached the hooks to rods for the finished fishing game!
This pattern came from a tutorial here.

Then I put the finishing touches on these knitted headbands.  
The yarn ends needed to be hidden, buttons sewn on, and the flowers crochet and sewn on. 

The red flower headband is adult sized and the pink flower headband is girl sized.

I'm glad I had better results this FNSI! 

Tomorrow is our Troll Stroll party and we have the dessert stop.  Yum!  
We are busy getting ready....
no sewing until Monday (unless I seek a break - hehe.) 

Hope you had a productive FNSI!


  1. How cute is that fishing game - love it! And, the head bands, too! Have a blast at your troll stroll - and I hope you'll post pictures so we can all see (smile)!

  2. Cute fish game!!!! I have some grandchildren I need to make that for. Love the headbands too.!


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