Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Getting things done!

I was suppose to participate in the Friday Night Sew-In last Friday but I had forgotten that my DH and I had signed up to volunteer at the local homeless shelter.  I still wanted needed to get something done so I packed my knitting needles and some yarn.  Off we went to the shelter.  We serve on the 5:45 - 11:00pm shift.  We set up the beds, tables for serving dinner and breakfast, register the guests and then settle down to play games and mingle with the guests.  So once all the work was done and we settled down to mingle with the guests, I got out my knitting.  It wasn't the best place to knit as I got distracted and had to do my share of unknitting!  I got about 1/3 of another headband knitted.  Better than nothing! [This has been finished and another one started!]

Then on Saturday, the internet was down so I couldn't blog or link to FNSI.  Well there is going to be another FNSI this Friday, maybe I will do better.

Anyways, I have been busy getting things done!  I made a bed ruffle for the new queen size bed in my D2's room.  She will be home next week for Christmas and the room is shaping up [but far from finished!]

Sorry for the poor quality picture...the fabric is plum with a small green leafy print.  I used the tutorial here which gave a great tip on gathering for ruffles.

I also made 4 new stockings! The pattern is called Snowdrift Stockings and was free from Jillilystudio.

I just love how they turned out...all hung on the chimney with care!  
One for each of  my Ds and one for my FSI.

Do you see My Perfect Man quilt hung with my snowman collection?  My collection has grown so large over the years that I need to leave a few unpacked each year!

Another Christmas tradition my family has each year is the handmade ornament exchange.  I usually make between 12-18 ornaments each year.  This year's ornament is finished!
[It's the gingerbread house]

All the ornaments on our tree [with a couple exceptions] are handmade.  Here are a few of my favorites! 
And I made another sweet zip bag for someone!

Before I forget again, I want to give credit to a couple of people from my last posting.  I was in such a hurry that I forgot to link to the patterns I used...so here they are...
~the place mats were made from a tutorial at Pink Penguin
~the first table runner was made from Amy's tutorial at Diary of a Quilter
~the Christmas table runner was made from Kristin's tutorial at Kristin La Flamme

Now all is good!  

I still have things to do but I am getting closer.  
Cookies are getting baked and the house is nearly ready. 
We host the dessert stop on our annual Troll Stroll this year on Sunday! 

Hope you are taking time to enjoy the Christmas Season!


  1. You have definitely been busy. Great job.

  2. Oh, so many pretty things! The bed looks so pretty - and I love the new stockings! Love the handmade ornaments, too!

  3. Looks like you got almost as much done as if you had been to the sew in...just more variety! The bed skirt looks wonderful, very professional, and I love your stockings! Perfect on your fireplace, hung with care :-) Good job from start to finish! Hope the holidays are happy ones. Hugs, finn

  4. momma my bed looks awesome!! i can't wait to sleep on it!!!!!!

    and those stockings are very pretty, but i'll be sad to not have my normal one with my name on it....

    is the fourth for mike? :o)

    and last, did you make me a gingerbread house ornament? i want one!!!!!


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