Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back on Track

It"s amazing how 2 days of being too sick to do anything can throw you off balance.  I am not one to lounge around in my pajamas all day.  I'm up and dressed fairly early.  I like need to keep busy.  Truly, I can't remember a day, much less 2, that I didn't get up, slept the day away and/or stayed in my pajamas until this past week.  My plans were out the window.  

I have been trying to stay on top of the Block-A-Palooza blocks since I played catch up for the first 3 blocks.  I was doing real good until Monday's release.  

I didn't have time on Monday but I only worked a half day on Tuesday so my plan was to sew the block then [before the Thursday block arrived.] 
Getting home from work, I felt exhausted. Ate a bit of lunch...didn't feel any better.  Took a little nap that lasted 21/2 hours [unintentionally]...didn't feel better but headed to my sewing room.  Looked at the pattern release for block 13 and my fabrics and couldn't decide what to do.  
Since when does playing with fabric exhaust a quilter?  I knew I was sick! 
I headed to the sofa and that is where I spent the rest of the day.  My wonderful DH made me chicken noodle soup, brought me meds and water. Wednesday morning I was not any better, maybe even a little worse.  
Happy that I was off on Wednesday, I stayed in bed the entire day...sleeping.  
Not reading, playing games or watching TV...just sleeping.  
By Thursday I was feeling better [not 100%] but was off to work.  That night I picked fabric for Monday's block and sewed. Ahhh! 

Friday night I worked on Block 14

Here are all 14 blocks! Only 2 more to go.

I am surprised on how much I like how this is all coming together. 
{Some blocks better than others.}
These bright colors are a little different for me.  

On Monday, I got my package off to Kelly at Charming Chatter, my pincushion swap partner.  She let me know that she received it and she likes it!  So now I can let you see what I made.

This cute heart pincushion...

where I embroidered Kelly's word, Rest.
I also made this needle case...

and my first attempt at special pin heads...
I will try again but realized that I need to get some green.   

{and some chocolate of coarse}

I finished a few more knitted headwraps...

for some friends.

There are few more things I've been working on [I'll show you later.] 
Been slowly stitching my birdie and give thanks BOM.  
What have you been working on lately? 


  1. Doesn't look like your sickness has kept you down for all of the things you have been doing...glad you are feeling better.

  2. Considering you were sick you sure got lots done! Glad you are feeling better.

  3. You certainly got a lot done. I'm loving how the block appalooza blocks are all coming together. Very nice.


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