Saturday, March 19, 2011

FNSI Results!

Although I sewed most of the night, I can't show much...  
The evening started with making this little strawberry pincushion/scissors FOB.  It was simple and easy to make...and just darling! The free tutorial is from Vanessa of V and Co.

I did spent most of the evening quilting my daughter's wedding quilt.  I only had the border left to quilt as I finished quilting the blocks about a week ago.  Here's a little peek. That's all for now!

The top picture show the outside border with the single cable pattern quilted.  You can see the quilting better from the back (bottom left picture). On the bottom right, you can see the quilting on the blocks. The inner border (yellow) is stitched in the ditch.  

I was also excited about...buttons!  
A friend from work had 3 jars and a tin of buttons and told me to go through them and take what I could use.  Really!!  I love buttons!
 I think it goes way back to my grandma and mom who each had a button box that I loved. I would play and sort and examine the different buttons! 
I have a small collection myself...any chance to expand it...YES! 
Here are the ones I chose...after playing sorting for awhile.

Aren't they sweet?

So what did you do for FNSI?


  1. Enjoyed seeing what you have been up too....and am working on an orange slice quilt.

  2. Oh lucky you, getting to go through your friend's button box. There's just something about button boxes that I love. I have my own and a couple of years ago made each of our daughters their own too.

    For FNSI, I worked on my D9P quilt.

  3. Hello Dawn,

    You had the perfect night on Friday. Love that you were able to get some buttons, I love that big green flower button.

    Happy days.

  4. Your daughter's wedding quilt is beautiful! I hope you'll post completed pictures (once she has seen it.)

    I love old buttons, too. It's fun just to look through them :)

  5. Hey, what is it about buttons? You prompted my memories of rabbiting through Mum's button tin and the excitement of finding old unusual buttons to add to my collection. The wedding quilt looks stunning. Lucky bride and groom!


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