Thursday, October 13, 2011


Every year over Columbus Day, we head up to Door County, WI to enjoy the fall colors. We camp in Peninsula State Park with a rather large group of friends. Hiking, sharing meals, laughing and catching up around the campfire are a few of the great things about this weekend. But really, the show is of God's spectacular creation. This year is of no exception...take a look!

Sights along our hike.

A beautiful birch tree

Colors against the blue sky!

We hiked to the lighthouse...

and amphitheater...

where the kids like to perform for the adults :D

A recent storm left many trees down.

We found this friendly walking not the kind you use for hiking 
although there were plenty of those around too!

In town, we ate at the White Gull Inn for the traditional fish boil.

And breakfast at Al Johnson's

Fall reminders were everywhere!

I was able to finish these over the weekend too!

October's block and a new block for June. The original June block is too different from the rest so I will use it on the back as the label.

I almost have a another finish...I'm hand stitching the binding :D 
Stayed tuned!


  1. Your photos sure brought back memories! We used to camp at the same place and visit the same lighthouse, fish boil and of course Al's with the goats on the roof! It is so nice up there. Very fun for camping and shopping.
    I love your birds. They are adorable.

  2. I grew up camping every summer with my parents and brother. We did it with our boys too, and it's one of my favorite things to do. Thank you for sharing your pictures and story. I wish the trees here near the coast in Virginia changed like they did in WV growing up.

  3. Oh and I love your Birdie Stitches blocks.

  4. Bringing back memories, I've only been to Door County once, but saw all of these places, enjoyed THAT fish boil, saw the goats, the lighthouse... oh how I'd love to return. It was about 6-7 years ago in early October...


Sweet sentiments