Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop Begins!


The Ghastlie Blog Hop Begins!
Behind the scenes we (54) Ghastlie obsessed
stitchers have been rather busy, you could say.
We all have been brewing some pretty Ghastlie 
projects, searching for a cure...
Your assistance is required...YOU are the
prescription we are looking for...
A comment of ohhs and ahhs 
will surely be the cure!

If you have this thing for Ghastlies
and they have tied you in a knot
and you wish you could get them out of your mind
than this may be a thought.

We heard her plea for a cure
Mdm Samm was pos/it/ively sure
that we could stitch the nights away
in hopes that we MAY----???
(all 54 of us)  
The side effects are Ghastlie
there is no mistaking too.
if you don't run this very minute
YOU too will catch the FLU...
We suspected all along 
this was her master plan
she did not want to be alone,
 with all YOU Ghastlie FANS...
HERE is OUR Schedule.....
each name will link you to our Ghastlie Sistahhhhhs!
Be sure to leave your prescription (comment) for each of the sistahhhhhs!
 ON Monday, October 24th
 ON Tuesday October 25th
 ON Wednesday October 26th

 ON Thursday October 27th
 ON Friday October 28th
 ON Monday October 31st
 ON Tuesday November 1st
 ON Wednesday November 2nd
 ON Thursday November 3rd
 ON Friday November 4th
Each day we will have a be sure to comment.
Some of my Ghastlie Sistahs may also have some special
projects to giveaway besides the daily BIG PRIZES 
from these sweeten the CAULDRON....

Some of our Sponsors
Alexander Henry Fabrics- lot's and lot's of Ghastlie Fabric
Colonial Needle -sewing basket 
Janes Fabrics -Kona fabrics in PINK -fat quarter bundle
Reliable Iron - orange Velocity 50
IHAN ( kelly )- aurifil threads
Coeurdalenegifts- 2 sets of Halloween lights
Forth Worth Fabric Studio - gorgeous gift set of Ghastlie fabric
Creative Grid -3 Rulers their top 3 
Blue FIG- wheeled bag in PINK
Beam N Read and custom Ghastlie Buttons
Be sure to visit each sistah's blog on their day for a chance 
to win some fabulous prizes and get Ghastilie inspired!
Winners announced daily on Madame Ghastlie’s blog.

Be sure to come back on my day, November 2nd!

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