Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just a quick post

Argh! We have had problems with our internet service lately... hate when that happens. I wanted to do a quick post yesterday but again no internet service. Finally they came out today and hopefully fixed our service.  
Anyways...I had a couple of finishes that I wanted to show. The first being this paper pieced picture of a hummingbird. 

It is framed in a 9" x 9" frame.  The paper piecing was a little different because of the curved seams in the wings and tail.  On my first attempt, I used too dark of a turquoise blue and the poor little hummingbird kind of got lost. I am much more pleased with my 2nd go around.

If you remember, a couple post back I showed a table runner kit I bought featuring Hometown by Sweetwater.  I finished set aside some other WIP's to sew this kit. 

It goes perfectly in my dining room of deep red walls! 
And my favorite part...look closely and you can see my hometown. Here let me help you get a closer look. 
Right under Pittsburgh in the center is Chicago...yep!

It is fun to read all the different 'hometowns.' Have you found yours? 
Did you notice the giant rick rack trim? Too Cute! The pattern is Riff-Raff Runner by Silk Road Creations.  I am now waiting on more material to arrive so I can make matching place mats.  

A few other things are going on here but I can't say yet. So stayed tuned in.


  1. What a beautiful hummingbird! Great job!

  2. Oh...love both, the hummingbird and runner!

  3. Love the hummingbird, and I am smitten with that runner, too! Oh, I can't wait to see your matching placemats :)

  4. Hi, Dawn! Found your link via the FNSI page. LOVE the table runner! So cute. Love the fabrics. Going to follow you if you don't mind my tagging along. ;)

  5. I love the Hummingbird. I wish I was as talented as you. The runner is terrific, I'm sure it looks great in your dining room.


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