Sunday, January 8, 2012


Sew the first week of the new year is over and it is back to work/school tomorrow.  Our house is once again quiet as we said goodbye to DD3 on Friday. Before she left, she asked if I could make a pennant banner for her dorm room.  So using the tutorial I pinned here, I made this.

Sew what else have I been doing on this first week of the new year? Organizing... Amber over at A LIttle Bit Biased posts Tuesday Tips about inspiring sewing rooms.  Anna from Thimbleanna guest posted a link about folding your fabrics nice and tidy. stash is housed in an old dresser and each drawer is stuffed. Definitely not folded nice and tidy.

Sew I went about ironing and folding all most some of my stash. Here are some of the finished drawers.

stacked by color before going into the drawer

nice neat and tidy piles of stash

mostly blues, reds and greens in here.

I also weeded out smaller pieces and added them to my scrap bins. I did need to go out and buy 5 more bins. It's a good thing that I'm following the Sew Scrap Along over at Pleasant Home. [Button on my sidebar.] I haven't started on a scrap quilt yet because between ironing and folding,  I worked on...

...putting sashing and borders on my Birdie Quilt. I need to buy backing fabric and some batting before sandwiching this cutie.

I am also working on my 3rd personnel quilt made from my 'less preferred' stash fabric. Here is a peek at the blocks.

These finish at 16" and I have 7 out of 20 done. 

 Last year, Kelly from Charming Chatter challenged us to come up with a word for the year. My word last year was JOY. To feel joy in all areas of my life. One of the most joyful times of this year was celebrating our DD2's wedding and welcoming our SIL to our family! 
 My Word Up for 2012 will be 'challenge'. I already have challenged myself with my 'less preferred stash' quilt goal but I would like to challenge myself in other ways too! Sew to speak, try new things, think outside the box...not only in quilting but in all areas of my life. Here is a fun reading challenge I will be doing to start. 

I will leave you with this picture of my Christmas Cranberry Almond Coffee cake that, as tradition, we have on Christmas morning that I meant to post before but forgot. It is delicious!


  1. Your Birdie quilt is beautiful!!!! Love how it turned out. Have been watching all of you sharing your blocks and wishing I would have played along. Glad to see you are going with the reading challenge. I always have a book going so I think it will be one that I can actually finish! I will have to follow Beth Fish Read more closely to see what else she has going on. Have a great week and good luck on the organizing. I have two pieces of furniture waiting for a paint job to fill up with fabric!

  2. I am all about organizing fabric, I did the mini fabric bolts and I love them. They make it super easy to cut a piece off and not refolded!

  3. Love the quilt! Your stash is great. I'm just starting out and want to buy so much! Good luck with the challenges.

  4. Love the banner, and look how organized you are! Your Birdie quilt is absolutely adorable! I love your Word - and I look forward to following you as your take on new challenges and think outside the box this year :)!! Hugs!


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