Saturday, February 18, 2012

FnsI Results!

Another Friday night enjoying sewing with all of you. ♡ 
I actually had most of Friday to sew. Lucky me! 
Remember this quilt? 

My day started with sandwiching it. I had previously pieced the backing but hadn't gotten around to sandwiching it. Sew now it is ready for quilting.

In the late afternoon, I spent some time hand quilting this mini quilt. I can only show a peek as it is a surprise gift to someone.

I have a few more cups to hand quilt and it will be ready to bind!

After dinner, I decided to work on another mini quilt that I have been wanting to try. A book shelf...

All the books are sitting on the shelf but I need to add the titles to the books. I did rummage thru my selvages and choose the ones I want to use.  There was some picking out going on last night...not my favorite thing to do. 
I used this tutorial for this project. 

What did you do on FNSI? You can find out what others have done here.

I also have added a few more flowers to my hexi garden this week.

And some beautiful tulips to brighten the day!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. The first mini quilt is calling my name. Hope you share it later. I will check out the book tutorial also. Sounds like you got a ton done!

  2. Busy you! The mini quilt has me intrigued - can't wait to see it. Love your tulips - stunning colours.

  3. If I remember you did not know if you liked the dark in that quilt! Well once again... I love it!! Oh, and the coffee cups!! mmmmmmm!! Smiles!

  4. Love those cups! The bookshelf with selvedge titles is such a cute idea. Thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  5. I really want to see that whole mini! I really do! I love the quilts I've seen with selvages for book titles so I'm anxious to see yours finished. I really must get some books on my to-do list.

  6. OHHHHHHH my dear Dawn.....I think I know what your mini looks like....
    That first cup with another coffee lover is a rather sweet gesture I might add....
    One I would certainly love to share with you someday.....
    I adore my lovely unexpected and certainly one that will be treasured for some time... I almost needed an espresso to pick me up off the floor...figuratively speaking that is.....I am just thrilled and the details, choice of fabric..we'll everything is perfect.....A thank you is just not


Sweet sentiments