Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can I please have a few more hours in my day?

It has been tough finding time to post about what I've been doing. It seems that since I packed up my sewing room for its redo, I just haven't found enough hours in a day. 

The spring finds my work very busy which limits my free time. I love my job and summer will be here soon enough. 

Enough whining...first up I must send out some Thanks! While I was in Austin visiting by daughter, I was notified by Michele over at Quilting Gallery that I was the winner of The Cutting Edge ruler. 

Sorry about the poor picture quality.

Thank you Michele!

Then last week, I was notified by Pat Sloan at the Learning Center that I was the winner of a copy of Quilt Album! 

I have always documented my quilts by taking pictures and then on a word document, typing up a few pieces of information about the quilt. When I first starting quilting, I had hard copy pictures that I would put in an album and make a copy of the 'blurb' about the quilt and keep it with the picture. As digital photos became my method of photographing, I rarely made hard copy pictures of my quilts. I would keep them in a folder on my computer. Now the word document and picture were no longer together. 

 Needless to say, I was excited about using Quilt Album. I can now keep everything about my quilts in one place!  Quilt Album is extremely easy to use!  I have actually been working on transferring all my quilts (nearly 80) into Quilt Album. It will take some time but I think it will be well worth it. There are other things like making cards from pictures of your quilts that I can't wait to explore. I've only touched the surface of this program.  

Thank you, Pat!


Before I left for Austin, I packed up my sewing room. This is what it looked like in our family room.

and that isn't all of it...Yikes!

Work in progress ~ the face lift....

Mostly moved back in but with a little more organizing to do.

and a few thing in progress on my design wall!

The blocks on the left are from the Craftsy BOM...I'm a little behind. Those are January and February blocks! On the top right are the first 2 blocks from the BOM with Quilt Story. And the bottom right is a baby quilt in progress. I actually finished this quilt {no pictures yet} and also this little baby rag quilt.

Baby Rag quilt is made from flannel and was inspired by this quilt. It is super soft and cuddly.

I've been up to more but it will wait for another post as this one is getting long. Thanks for reading...I really appreciate you!


  1. Dawn! Your baby rag quilt is so cute. This is the first time I've seen one in strips rather than squares. Very cool looking!

  2. Congrats on the wins!
    Your room looks amazing. Hope to see it in person soon.
    Love the baby quilts. Your BOM look the colors.

  3. What a fabulous room! The baby quilt is very cute and congratulations on your wins :)


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