Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Something for the kitchen...

Tomorrow I will be a guest blogger over at Sew We Quilt! I am so thrilled to be back. Thank you Madame Samm for inviting me! 
The tutorials featured throughout the month of April will all be about the kitchen. 
Now I am not the expert when it comes to the kitchen. I much prefer to spend my days/nights in my sewing room. So if something for the kitchen can be made simply, I am all for it! 
I had this idea mulling around my head for a while. I decided to go ahead and prepare this tutorial for all of you. Pot holder covers are very simple and quick to make, inexpensive and can be sewn together without the usual need for Insul-brite heat resistant batting. 

If you want to learn more, stop over at Sew We Quilt tomorrow, April 11th for my tutorial. I would love to hear what you think.


On another note, I finished the 5th book in the book challenge. This book was to have a topographical feature in the title. I chose to read the book The Angels of Morgan Hill by Donna Van Liere. 

 It is set in the small town of Morgan Hill, Tennessee. It is the story of the life of Jane and her brother John during the year 1947. After the death of their alcoholic father, Jane dreams of the possibility of a 'real' father.  That same day, Jane and John see for the first time a black boy, named Milo Turner, who recently moved to Morgan Hill with his family. This brings many challenges to this small community and tragedy soon strikes.  The story holds onto a promise, hope for a better life, friendship and understanding in the midst of change. 
This novel is an easy and enjoyable read. If you want to read other books with a topographical feature you can find some here


I am almost completely moved back into my sewing room. I have a few things to organize before I am settled in. I'll post a few pictures soon.


  1. I will be sure to come by...love insulbrite...

  2. Thats a fantastic idea,I willl be using that one!!

  3. Thanks for sharing at Madame Samm's. That was a great tut, very easy to follow.

  4. I made some of your potholder covers last year for gifts, and would like to make some more. Unfortunately I can no longer find the tutorial. I am willing to purchase it if it is no longer available free. Please let me know. The covers were lovely! Thank you in advance! nancylgt@gmail.com Nancy


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